High-Waisted Tailoring feat. Jared Acquaro

May 22nd, 2015

I love finding new bloggers who appreciate classic tailoring and develop their own perspective on modern menswear. Aussie Jared Acquaro, author of A Poor Man’s Millions, is inspiration young guys down under to find their inner gentleman by showing them just how cool tailoring can be.

My favorite part about his style, other than his rock & roll tattoos, is his attention to detail when it comes to classic menswear. His proportions, color palettes, pattern-mixingaccessories, and my favorite part; high-waisted pleated trousers, are consistently on point.

A grown gentleman’s trousers should sit around the natural waist, just below the naval. For too long the rise has been trending lower and lower, to the point where men’s trousers have begun to sit low on the hips, like jeans. This throws off the proportions of the suit (or jacket/trouser combo) and exposes the low belly which should be covered.

Here Jared gives us a great example of traditional tailoring proportions, along with some smart combinations using essential menswear items.

Refined Colors

mensstylejared (2 of 25)

I love the subtle use of color here. The chestnut brown hat, the steel blue jacket, the shades of grey, the dark sage green trouser, even the olive socks.

“I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Victoria, Australia, in an area called Knox. It’s completely different to where I live today on the harbour next to the city of Melbourne. I was in the music scene and touring around Australia with friend’s bands and playing in some too, so my wardrobe was all band tees and jeans back then… That was all I needed at the time to do my job.”

mensstylejared (6 of 25)mensstylejared (7 of 25)mensstylejared (8 of 25)
  • Monkstrap loafers by Loake ·
  • Hat by Christy’s London ·
  • Tie Vintage ·
  • V-Neck Jumper by Jumper by Fred Perry Laurel Wreath ·
  • Trousers by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Jacket by Oscar Hunt Tailors

Smart Proportions

mensstylejared (21 of 25)

Notice the proportions of the trousers here, as compared to the shirt and jacket. Jared is only 5’8″, but the high-waist and cropped hemline on this khaki cotton summer suit lengthens his leg line to make him appear taller and leaner.

“My style evolved when I had time to actually sit back and observe, I was going through a pretty life-changing phase and dabbled with the idea of starting my own record label, but I wanted something different, something more practical and purposeful. I discovered my passion for tailoring whilst living in Frankfurt, Germany. I was watching a lot of runway shows and it really resonated with me; tailoring, it all starts with tailoring. So that’s where I headed.”

mensstylejared (1 of 25)mensstylejared (18 of 25)mensstylejared (19 of 25)mensstylejared (20 of 25)

Olive Chino Cotton Suit

  • Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Tie by Noble Custom ·
  • Braces Vintage ·
  • Tassel loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo
  • · Olive Cotton Suit

Seasonal Textures

mensstylejared (4 of 25)

It’s currently the winter season down under, and Jared is taking full advantage with this super-versatile micro-check tweed jacket, cashmere glenplaid scarf, merino wool cardigan, and grey flannel trousers (part of a suit). Again, most of the pieces in his wardrobe are versatile menswear staples that can be worn in many different ways – that’s smart wardrobe investing. Also extra points for the brown, grey, burgundy and orange combo.

“Coming back from Germany, after falling in love with tailoring, I was semi-homeless. No job or money. I got into some retail while I was overseas and used that experience to get into retail down here. I progressed from Converse to Henry Bucks (an Iconic Gentlemen’s store) within 3 years, and was always looking around for ways to improve myself and learn more about menswear and tailoring. These days I work for Oscar Hunt Tailors as the Product Innovation Manager, so there are wardrobe perks.”

mensstylejared (5 of 25)

“The tie is a vintage find with a little personal embroidery. “5” is my lucky number.”

mensstylejared (3 of 25)
  • Jacket by Scotch & Soda ·
  • Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Trousers by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Cardigan by Hallensteins ·
  • Tie Vintage ·
  • Scarf by Johnstons of Elgin ·
  • Umbrella by Pasotti

Statement Sportcoat

mensstylejared (11 of 25)

Talk about a statement sportcoat, how about a ketchup and mustard double windowpane?! Because the base is a a medium brown, this jacket is probably more versatile than you might think, too. Again, loving the proportions here with the high-waisted trousers and the braces just peeking out. Well played, player.

“Living in Melbourne there’s never just one ‘style’. It’s all very individual and you see a wide spectrum… I would say my personal style is a blend of classic tailoring with a little in-your-face flair, perhaps a carry-over from my rock band days”

mensstylejared (10 of 25)mensstylejared (9 of 25)
  • Jacket by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Tie by Hackett ·
  • Trousers by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Monkstrap loafers by Loake

Timeless Patterns

mensstylejared (13 of 25)

How about some patterns that have been around for more than a century: windowpane (suit), glenplaid (scarf), paisley (tie). Extra points for modernizing everything with the patch pocket double-breasted jacket and the sleek leather chukka boots.

Lastly, some advice if you plan on visiting Australia sometime soon: “Pack at least a couple pieces to get you through each of the seasons, just in case. If you have heard about Melbourne’s unpredictable climate, then you’ll know why.”

mensstylejared (14 of 25)mensstylejared (15 of 25)mensstylejared (16 of 25)

Windowpane Performance Wool Suit in Navy

  • Shirt by Oscar Hunt Tailors ·
  • Tie by Ascot ·
  • Scarf by Johnstons of Elgin ·
  • Leather chukka boots by Loake
  • · Navy Windowpane Suit

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Jared for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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