The Linen Glenplaid Suit

May 1st, 2015

For the past six months or so, behind the scenes, the team and I have been developing a collection of seasonal unstructured tailoring that is designed to be versatile enough for the boardroom or a casual weekend. This linen/silk double-breasted suit in pale brown glenplaid is one of our first samples, so I’ve been giving it a rigorous test run.

It’s been very exciting to see this line taking shape, and we’re looking forward to sharing more with you soon. For now, here’s the advantages of a soft-tailored suits in seasonal, textured fabrics. Even in a double-breasted design it can be seamlessly dressed up or down, so you can #StayTailored no matter where you’re heading.

All Business

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In an “unstructured” jacket there is either no chest canvas at all, or a very lightweight chest canvas. This means the garment is going to be noticeably lighter in physical weight, and it also means that the chest area is more likely to bend wrinkle (since it’s not fastened to a stiff canvas to keep it laying flat). In a lightweight fabric like this linen/silk blend it makes a world of a difference, as the chest canvas would normally be the heaviest, stiffest and least breathable part of the jacket.

Both the jacket and trouser are completely unlined as well, so you get the full breezy feel of natural linen.

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  • Shades by Ray-Ban ·
  • Grey stripe contrast collar shirt by Ralph Lauren Black Label ·
  • Shantung Grenadine Tie by Shibumi ·
  • Cordovan “Jefferson” wingtips by Allen Edmonds
  • · Linen Glenplaid Suit

Gray Glenplaid Performance Wool Suit

Business Casual


A suit jacket in a textured seasonal fabric is essentially a sport coat, which is an important part of the collection we’ve been working on. Building a smart wardrobe is all about versatility, interchangeability, and long-lasting design.

The pale brown taupe-ish color of this fabric is a brilliant choice to expand a wardrobe. It’s one of those rare neutral colors that can be made to look warm or cool. It also works with just about any color scheme; blues, greys, khakis, browns, greens, burgundies, etc.

  • Brown Felt hat by Stetson ·
  • “Nehru” Band Collar Shirt by Waraire Boswell ·
  • “Randolph” penny loafers by Allen Edmonds
  • · Glenplaid Linen Suit Jacket

Gray Glenplaid Performance Wool Jacket

Breezy Weekend


If I could give you only one tip on how to get more out of your wardrobe, it would be to think about suits that you can wear as separates. You should be picking up a suit, a sport coat, and a go-to pant all at once. I’m not huge on the checkered pant as a separate, but this glenurquhart check is so subtle that it looks tasteful rather than flashy, in my opinion.

On another note, I wear linen trousers almost every day in the Spring/Summer. I’m wearing a pair right now as I write this – cigar brown, with a light blue/white candy stripe shirt, also linen. Provided it’s tailored properly, a linen trouser is perfectly suitable for casual settings, as seen here with some layered linen knitwear (henley and cardigan).

  • Brown Felt hat by Stetson ·
  • Brown wool/linen cardigan by Club Monaco ·
  • Olive/Brown Henley by Guess x Marciano
  • · Liven glenplaid trousers

Great Depths Glenplaid Trouser

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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