Raincoat Styles for the Modern Gentleman

April 22nd, 2015

Don’t let the Spring showers keep you down. When you have a proper raincoat, it’s an opportunity to show some smart style.

Here are three of our favorite raincoat styles that will enhance your wardrobe for the upcoming wet season.

Mr. Classic – The Trench


The classic double-breasted trench coat with its gunflap and grenade rings has some awesome history behind it – as we wrote about here.

Look for one in a neutral color (like navy, khaki, brown, or even burgundy like this one) with a trim fit that hits about mid thigh. If you’re like me, you’ll love it so much that you’ll find yourself wearing it even in dry conditions, and that’s okay.

Don’t buy a size up thinking that you need the room to fit a suit jacket under it – that should already be accommodated for by the designer. You want to go as trim as possible over a suit (without restriction) so that you can wear it over just a shirt and/or sweater.


Mr. Modern – The Mac


A mac is similar to a trench (usually made of a treated cotton or waterproof nylon blend), only it’s single-breasted and much simpler in design. It doesn’t get much more versatile than this navy blue version; slim cut and cropped enough to just fit over a jacket.

You can literally wear this coat every day in the Spring – whether it’s with a suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans.

  • Nylon Mac by Reiss ·
  • Contrast collar shirt by RL Purple Label ·
  • Glenplaid wool jacket ·
  • Jeans by Natural Selection ·
  • Captoe leather boots by Cobbler Union

Mr Casual  – The Anorak


For the more casual crowd, I recommend an anorak style jacket. Think of it like a long hoody that is very thin and water resistant.

In a dusty faded color, like this rust orange, it’s a functional piece that can be layered in many different ways, including over an unstructured jacket.


  • Brown Felt hat by Stetson ·
  • Faded orange anorak jacket by Club Monaco ·
  • Denim shirt by Alara ·
  • Wool/linen cardigan Vintage ·
  • Braided leather belt by Trafalgar ·
  • Olive cotton chinos ·
  • “Eagle Country” boots by Allen Edmonds

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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