Quick & Easy Fixes To Old Shirts

April 21st, 2015

Chances are you have a few old button-downs hanging in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in a few months. They’re a lost cause. You ain’t wearing them anytime soon. Unless, you make one of these simple (and cheap) alterations to get them back into your rotation.

Here are two easy ways to update your old shirts and bring them some new life.

Slim Them Down

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You might have some old shirts from back in the day, before you realized the benefits of “slim fit” shirts. You know, those “Classic Fits” that are extra wide and baggy through the midsection and sleeves. Chances are you bought the right collar size and sleeve length, you just need to have them slimmed down… Some of my favorite shirts are ones that I was on the brink of giving away because I didn’t love the fit.

Shirts are relatively easy to alter. Taking in the sides, adding back darts (as shown above), and slimming down the sleeves can result in a whole new shirt, for only a few bucks at the tailor.

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Cut Them Old Dingy Collars Off

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We’ve mentioned cutting off the collar of a casual shirt to create a band collar. It’s fairly simple. The shirt already has the band, you just need to remove the collar from it. You can do this the clean way by un-sticthing the collar and sewing it back up, or you can just take the scissors to it and stay as close to the sewing line as possible.

This white linen shirt had a floppy collar that always looked a little scraggly, and it was starting to yellow, so we cut it off and created what feels like a brand new, more airy shirt. Perfect for the beach, or a hot summer night out.


Got any D-I-Y upgrades hanging in your wardrobe?

Thanks for reading.

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