ASK Dan: Man Buns, No-Swim Trunks, Dry Trenches

March 26th, 2015


Man Buns

Q: Hey Dan. I’ve been noticing a lot of guys rocking long hair in a “man bun” lately. I sometimes see your photographer Alex wearing one, actually. I think it looks really cool. I’m thinking of growing my hair out to try it…do you think this trend will be over by the time I grow my hair out? What’s the trick to pulling it off?

A: A man bun is a lifestyle. It’s a sort of like casually saying “I can wear my hair like this, because nobody is stopping me”. I usually think outdoorsman, artist, or European footballer. If you’re in the corporate world it probably won’t work, and I think that is what man-bunners like about it. As far as it being “trendy”, it’s certainly “in”, but trends are starting and ending every few hours it seems now. If it looks good on you and corresponds with your style, it can be cool – “on trend” or not. The real trick is figuring out how you’re going to handle that in-between grow-out period… Might want to invest in some good headwear.

No-Swim Trunks

Q: Is it acceptable to wear swim trunks as shorts when it’s clear you have no intention of getting wet? I have a pair that I like to wear with a polo on a hot summer day, but I’m worried people will notice the swim suit material and call me out on it.

A: Once the oversized board shorts fad died and guys started wearing shorter, trimmer trunks, the lines between swimwear and casual wear started to blurr. In fact, one of my favorite pairs of swim trunks has a 7″ inseam and is designed just like shorts; with a zipper fly, side adjusters, and trouser pockets (that have grommets for drainage). They’re kind of like these and they’re made to do exactly what you’re asking. So if you have the right pair that isn’t obviously and exclusively made for the beach, I say go for it. They will certainly keep you dry, and you never know when you might want to take a quick dip.

Dry Trenches

Q: With Spring showers around the corner, I’m looking to invest in a quality rain coat – like the cool trenches you’ve been known to wear. My question is, should I spend my whole budget on a good trench, or save enough to buy another coat too, for when it’s not raining? Are trench coats only for the rain?

A: When it comes to classic menswear items, like a good trench coat, I say invest in quality (and fit!) over quantity. You’ll want that trench coat to last, and be built strong enough to withstand the harshest of weather. There’s nothing against wearing trench coats on dry days, it’s still a coat after all. It’s become such a prevalent style that designers, even the experts at Burberry, are now making trench styles that are not meant to be waterproof (from wools, suedes, linens, etc). Remember that building a great wardrobe is a marathon, not a sprint. I say invest long-term (and don’t forget about the tailor) when it comes to pieces that that you know you’ll be wearing long into your older years.

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