Spring Color Combinations

March 23rd, 2015

It’s Spring time, fellas. Time to lighten up your wardrobe with lightweight fabrics and a little more color.

Here are three of my favorite Spring color combos, to get you thinking.

Orange & Blue

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A bold jacket like this orange chino should be designed for the Spring and Summer: fully unlined and unstructured (no chest canvas or shoulder padding – they add to a jacket’s weight). The shirt is a cotton seersucker (short sleeve), and the trousers are from a linen/silk herringbone suit.

I don’t know if it’s from spending so much time on the West coast, but I’m really loving lightweight fabrics. It seems in menswear that Fall/Winter fabrics get all the love, but a good linen or silk has a certain casual nonchalance that is hard to replicate with heavier cloths.

mensstylespring (11 of 112)mensstylespring (16 of 112)mensstylespring (24 of 112)mensstylespring (25 of 112)
  • Vintage Persol sunglasses by Kings of Past ·
  • Orange Cotton Jacket ·
  • Blue seersucker shirt by Club Monaco ·
  • Linen/Silk herringbone trousers by Against Nature ·
  • Tan leather monkstraps by Scarpe di Bianco

Pink & Brown

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If the bold bright color is a little too much for you, look for a “Summer Tweed” blend in a faded, dusty shade – like this washed out pink.

Brown is probably the best color to complement a fancy color. It’s masculine and understated.

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I wore a slightly more casual version of this the other day in Venice.

mensstylespring (50 of 112)mensstylespring (55 of 112)
  • Vintage Persol sunglasses by Kings of Past ·
  • Silk/Linen Tweed Jacket ·
  • Brown Winton woven braided leather belt by Trafalgar ·
  • Brown Suede Loafers by Ralph Lauren

Khaki & Purple

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The khaki cotton suit is always going to have a place in menswear. It’s a very pale suit, so don’t be afraid to pair it with a shirt that has a saturated color, like a strong purple.

Early in the season I usually go with suede shoes and belts to give the cotton suit a little “weight”…in the middle of the summer I’ll do more of a cotton summer belt and low cut loafers.

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I recently scooped a few new pairs of vintage sunglasses from the Kings of Past.

mensstylespring (91 of 112)mensstylespring (92 of 112)

Pure Cotton Suit in Khaki

  • Vintage Ralph Lauren sunglasses via Kings of Past ·
  • Purple shirt with grey windowpane ·
  • Brown suede Ring belt by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Brown suede captoe lace-ups by To Boot NY
  • · Khaki cotton suit

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier