What I Wore Today: The Last Week of Winter

March 16th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“The Last Week of Winter”

The “What I Wore Today” series is about real guys, in their real clothes. We strive to bring you guys that, in our opinion, genuinely bring their “A Game” on a day-to-day basis. Today we highlight two of our favorite menswear icons, Mr. Khaled Nasr and Mr. Waraire Boswell.

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The Editor


On the West Coast my wardrobe is probably about 60% linen. It’s one of my favorite fabrics, both because it stays cool and because it’s ultra durable. I’ve been wearing these chocolate brown linen trousers a lot lately – with blazers, t-shirts, even to the beach a couple times. It’s incredible how tough they are, and they keep getting softer and more comfortable the more I break them in.

Linen fabrics have also have this rumpled texture that’s more leisurely feeling –  especially when they’re unlined and unstructured like this beautiful jacket from my man Angel Bespoke (subtle nod to you here with the trademark hands-in-patch-pockets).


The jacket is a silk/linen/hemp blend (it’s the same Ariston fabric that was recently featured in blue) and the long-sleeved crewneck is also a linen/cotton blend. Like I said, roughly 60%.

  • Shades by Steven Alan ·
  • Silk/Linen Tweed Jacket ·
  • Linen crewneck pullover by Hugo Boss ·
  • “Woodstock” Kiltie Dress Loafers by Allen Edmonds
  • · Brown Linen Trousers

Coffee Worsted Trouser

The Engineer


Khaled Nasr has one of the most impressive closets I’ve ever seen. I’m talking racks on rack of handmade bespoke garments from the finest tailors in the world. There’s literally a rainbow of color options, and each garment hangs in its own custom garment bag, on a properly sized wooden hanger. It’s a thing of beauty, really.


While it’s still technically “Winter” in LA, Khaled’s squeezing a few more wears out of his lush flannels.

  • Flannel jacket by Sciamat ·
  • Trousers by Incotex ·
  • Blue Italian Collar Shirt Workshop Sample ·
  • Tie by Finamore Napoli ·
  • Bracelets by Violamilano ·
  • Suede loafers by Meermin

The Designer

mensstyleboswell (16 of 26)

Waraire Boswell has been holding down the tailoring scene in downtown LA for a few years now. He started his bespoke shop for talls guys, like him, who had a difficult time finding a proper fit off-the-rack. He went on to become the go-to tailor to NBA superstars like Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Now he’s taking his success in the bespoke tailoring business, and gradually adding a more casual ready-to-wear collection influenced by the streets of downtown LA, of which he has become a fixture.

mensstyleboswell (21 of 26)

Like any great menswear designer, Boswell knows how to put a subtle twist on the classics.

Check out the finishing of the pic stitching at the front edge of his blue blazer. Also note the extended cuff length for his extended arm length.

mensstyleboswell (24 of 26)

The peach colored tweed trousers (part of a suit) are another example of blending heavier fabrics into the last days of the LA winter.

They’re a perfect compliment to the leather/suede wingtip loafers.

mensstyleboswell (26 of 26)
  • White shirt by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Navy DB blazer by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Herringbone tweed trousers by Waraire Boswell ·
  • Loafers by Prada

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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