1 Piece/3 Ways: The Slim Sweatpant

March 9th, 2015

Sweatpants aren’t just a sloppy excuse not to wear pants on anymore. Over the past few seasons in menswear there has been an explosion in the leisurewear category that has brought us luxury knit “sweatpants” in all kinds of fabrics, colors and fits.

As you know, being comfortable and casual, in the right settings, is part of having great style. For those low-key days we suggest investing in a slim-fit pair a sweatpants cut from a lush fabric in a neutral color (like navy blue, heather grey or olive green). Pair it with a cashmere sweater and a tailored overcoat and you have yourself a smooth and super-cozy leisure outfit.

Here’s three examples on how to work them into your wardrobe, with the help of Lardini, one of our favorite brands showcased at Liberty Fairs.

Up & Go

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There are times – or days – when you don’t feel like putting on trousers or jeans. Sometimes you just want to relax and be extra comfortable. We get it. But it doesn’t mean you can’t also look good.

A trim sweatpant, a cashmere sweater, a camel hair coat and a leatehr sneaker; it doesn’t get much more comfortable than that. Interestingly this casual look is also sophisticated, in its own way. It makes me think of a successful businessman on his day off. Or at least a guy who’s got his sh-t together.

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Classic Camel Hair Coat

  • Cable knit crewneck sweater by Lardini ·
  • Navy knit sweatpants by Benson NY ·
  • Leather sneakers by Strange Matter
  • · Camel overcoat by Lardini

Casual Night Out

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If they fit well enough and they’re dark in color you can wear a good sweatpant out at night, casually. A low-key restaurant, or maybe a pub to drink some beer and play some pool.

This is another one of those looks that puts a casual spin on classic American menswear pieces that were originally meant for the office – like the mac suit coat and the oxford cloth button-down shirt.

I rarely go with the untucked shirt. Only if they are oxford cloth and cut to the right length (about three inches below the waist, as shown here). Never with a tie or a tailored jacket.

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Midnight Wool Coat

  • Cashmere sweater by Lardini ·
  • Grey striped oxford shirt by Southwick Clothing ·
  • Navy knit sweatpants by Benson NY ·
  • Tumbled leather chukka boots by Amsterdam Shoe Co
  • · Overcoat by Southwick Clothing

Sunday Morning

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We’ve said it many times before: you don’t need a huge number of pieces in your wardrobe, you just need the right ones that can be used time and time again.

For example, each piece in this simple outfit can be worn countless different ways. It’s actually a combination of something from the business/formal department (the double-breasted peak lapel overcoat), something from the casual sportswear department (the cashmere turtleneck), something from the the leisure/athletic department (the sweatpants), and something from the utility/workwear department (the vintage work boots).

All together it’s something easy for Sunday morning.

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Midnight Wool Coat

  • Cashmere turtleneck by Lardini ·
  • Navy knit sweatpants by Benson NY ·
  • Boots by Wolverine Vintage
  • · Overcoat by Lardini

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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