The People of Liberty Fairs, Las Vegas

February 19th, 2015

The Liberty Fairs show is always a great place to find inspiring personal style.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the Las Vegas show.

Captain America

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Michael Paradise is the owner of America’s oldest denim brand and the coolest heritage store in Los Angeles; Stronghold in Venice Beach. He does heritage Americana as well as anyone I know.

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Off-Duty Officer’s Coat

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I’ve seen Gene Barnes, the owner of the Heart of Gold menswear shop in San Francisco, at the shows a few times now. He’s got this street-influenced, military-influenced Americana style that’s always cool and tasteful.

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Black on Blackwatch

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Brooklynite Brent Brookhart has been in the menswear industry since he was a young man, learning to cut patterns at a local tailoring shop in his neighborhood. As we walked by his booth, EFM menswear, we couldn’t help but notice the blackwatch trousers with the perfectly broken-in cordovan boots by Alden.

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West Coast Wide Leg

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Matt Rho of Richmond VA-based Shockoe Atelier was rocking a pair of wide-leg vintage WW2 officers pants. It takes some serious style to pull-off a silhouette like this, and he’s got it. Well played, player.

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Bring the Pane

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We enjoyed getting to know the team behind the classic American tailoring house Southwick. We spent a good part of the show talking business with Craig Lickliter, who represents very well for the Massachusetts-based manufacturer.

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Light-Hearted Tailoring

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Amir Morgan has fun with his style and is not afraid to take some risks. Last year we saw him in a pink linen one-piece suit. This year in Vegas he showed up in a short suit, with a virtually perfect fitting double-breasted hopsack jacket.

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Mr. Back to Basics

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Our friend Ian was in town, showing off his perfectly-fitting business casual wardrobe. What can I say, the guy has done his homework and knows a thing or two about building a smart and efficient wardrobe. He doesn’t skimp at the tailor, either.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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