ASK DAN: Man-icures, Couples’ Style, Deodorant Stains

February 10th, 2015

Some of our favorite style questions from this week, answered.

Q: It’s cold out and my nails are looking all dry and splitty. My girlfriend thinks I need a manicure… Is it “okay” for a man to sit among the women at the nail salon? Feels a little awkward, no?

A: Absolutely okay. Plenty of “manly men” get manicures. Michael Jordan used to get them weekly while in-season to keep his hands fresh and ready for game day. Back in the day, in our grandfathers generation, they used to offer “hand care” at old-school barber shops, too. Don’t get them painted, obviously, just cleaned up. Then the trick is keeping them moisturized. Better to have hands that your lady wants you to touch her with, than be the hard-headed guy with the nasty bleeding fingernails.

Q: When going out with my girlfriend I sometimes get confused about what to wear, in relation to her outfit. Should we match colors, wear complimentary colors, contrasting colors, etc. It seems our outfits always compete with each other or are disjointed, but I don’t want to look too much like duet band either… Please advise!

A: Usually I ask her what colors she’s wearing, and how formal she’s getting. From there, I match her formality and wear colors of the same nature, but not matching. For example, is she’s wearing black, I’ll wear grey. If she’s wearing green, I’ll wear brown. If she’s wearing bright colors, I’ll wear neutral khakis/creams. Usually I try to be more neutral and understated than her, so she shines. You never want to outshine your girl in the fashion department. If the issue is your styles are different genres (she’s preppy and you’re an urban streetwear fiend, for example) that’s another issue all together, and a more interesting one from a psychological perspective.

Q: I’ve been having a problem with my deodorant turning my white undershirts yellow in the pits. At first I thought it was my sweat causing the issue, but it’s actually worse when I wear my deodorant… What is causing this? Am I using the wrong deodorant? 

A: Yellow stains from deodorant usually have to do with a chemical in the product. I used to have this problem, before I started using an all natural deodorant. I also read that rubbing anything with aluminum on your pits (usually found in “antiperspirants”) has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, so this should be avoided for larger issues than yellowness. I recommend trying an all natural product like this one to see if the issue subsides. You might sweat a little more, but at least you’re not ruining your shirts and blocking your pores with chemicals that might eventually kill you.

Have a style question, ask away. And thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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