What I Wore Today: Dan vs Wes Suit-Off

January 22nd, 2015

I remember when we first brought Westley Dimagiba onto the AOS (formerly TSB) team. He was a young enthusiast sneakerhead from NYC who was just beginning to grow out of his streetwear phase and appreciate classic menswear. I could tell he had a good eye for style and he has eager to learn more about the business, so I took him under my wing as an assistant stylist and content editor.

Three years later it feels like my first protegé is all grown up; wearing bespoke suits of his own, advising his own styling clients in NYC, and often serving as a source of inspiration for AOS, as things come full-circle.

For the past three days we’ve been back together hosting the Articles of Style Gentleman’s Lounge at Liberty Fairs, and it’s been looking like a good ol’ fashioned suit-off. So the question today is, has the mentee begun to outshine the mentor?!

You guys vote. One point for each day, best 2 out of 3.

Day 1: Dan

mensstyledanwes (18 of 32)

First day of the show I went with a 6×2 double-breasted flannel chalkstripe with gunmetal buttons.

mensstyledanwes (19 of 32)

I kept it simple with a white spread collar shirt (one of those power collars by Angel Bespoke) and a grey silk tie from my friend Gianni.

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I wanted to pack light for this trip from LA to NYC, so I only brought one pair of boots; the Dalton Wingtip by Allen Edmonds.

mensstyledanwes (21 of 32)

Navy Chalkstripe Flannel Suit

Day 1: Wes

mensstyledanwes (5 of 32)

For his first day, Wes went with a birdseye flannel notch lapel (also with gunmetal buttons) over a black cashmere turtleneck and sharp black monks.

mensstyledanwes (7 of 32)

Custom details: the western jean pockets on the trousers and the black & white rose print jacket lining.

mensstyledanwes (8 of 32) mensstyledanwes (9 of 32)

Donegal Tweed Suit in Monochrome

Day 2: Dan

mensstyledanwes (1 of 32)

Second day I went classic double-breasted grey flannel, the essential Fall/Winter suit from our recent wardrobe building article.

mensstyledanwes (2 of 32)

Sticking to the basics to get me through this trip with light luggage, I went with a pale blue as my second shirt and a tie that goes with just about everything.

mensstyledanwes (3 of 32) mensstyledanwes (4 of 32)

Stone Chalkstripe Suit

Day 2: Wes

mensstyledanwes (22 of 32)

Day 2 Wes went monochromatic with a slate blue birdseye suit (with a mean cut), indigo denim spread collar shirt, wide silk knit tie, and sharp brown wingtips.

mensstyledanwes (23 of 32) mensstyledanwes (24 of 32) mensstyledanwes (25 of 32)

Moonlight Birdseye Suit

Day 3: Dan

mensstyledanwes (27 of 32)

For the last day of the show I went green donegal tweed (with pleated trousers), contrast vest, denim spread collar shirt, and silk knit tie.

mensstyledanwes (29 of 32) mensstyledanwes (30 of 32) mensstyledanwes (31 of 32)

Forest Tweed Suit

Day 3: Wes

mensstyledanwes (11 of 32)

On day 3 Wes repeated his go-to grey flannel, but styled it with a beautiful forest green topcoat and his signature band collar shirt.

mensstyledanwes (15 of 32) mensstyledanwes (14 of 32)

Taupe Gray Wool Coat

Donegal Tweed Suit in Monochrome

Thanks, as always, for reading. Place your votes in the comments below, I’m sure Wes is about to be hype.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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