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January 9th, 2015

I love suits. The history, the tradition, the craftsmanship…I could talk about them all day. The beauty of tailoring is that it’s based on a set of rules and traditions. There are literally guide books to wearing a proper suit. Spend some time observing good tailoring and learning about classic menswear, and you can certainly learn how to look good in a well-fit suit.

The thing is, most guys are not wearing suits every day. Our culture is casual most of the time. And casual menswear is a little more tricky. There’s more options, more trends, more diversity, and less guide books. I find that guys struggle more with casual outfits than suiting. And for that reason, a good sense of style, or taste level, shows more clearly in casual wear.

The first thing you have to know about casual menswear is that it all starts with outerwear. Get yourself a bad-ass jacket, keep the rest of your outfit simple, and your off to a good start.

Here are some tips to putting together well-styled casual looks, along with three great outerwear pieces to look-out for.

The Cropped Duffle

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The traditional 3/4 length duffle coat is a menswear classic, but at times it can feel a little too conservative, preppy, or old school. Look for one that is shorter, trimmer, and not made from a navy blue wool for an update to your casual wardrobe.

You know we’re all about casual tailoring here at Articles of Style. I love breaking-up a 3-piece suit and using the waistcoat as a casual piece. It works best in a heavyweight fabric that functions to insulate the body a little, like this forest green donegal tweed.

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A flannel band collar shirt, donegal tweed waistcoat, trim tailored cords, and captoe lace-up boots. Take that base combo and put any number of coats or jackets over it for a solid casual look; a moleskin topcoat, a leather jacket, a camel, a cotton mac, a peacoat, a bomber, etc.

Casual style is all about the outerwear. The coat you choose can completely change the overall feel of any outfit.

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One purchase you will not regret: a simple pair of sharp, well-made dress boots.

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  • Wool toggle coat by Gucci ·
  • Band collar shirt by Engineered Garments ·
  • Forest green donegal vest ·
  • Braided leather belt by Trafalgar ·
  • Captoe leather boots by Cobbler Union
  • · Brown corduroys by H&M

Pima Corduroy Trouser in Chestnut

The Flight Jacket

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Most of the good menswear designs, especially in outerwear, have been inspired by the military.

The trim-cut flight jacket is a great casual piece that should work with the majority of your wardrobe essentials. The mouton collar is removable on this one as well, for warmer days and lighter outfits.

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Subtle “Apres Ski” vibes here. Subconsciously we can’t wait to hit the slopes!

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There will also be a place in my heart for the classic 6″ Timbs. Just like the white-on-white lows.

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  • Sunglasses by Matsuda ·
  • Flight jacket by Sandro ·
  • White striped band collar pullover shirt by Club Monaco ·
  • Grey cashmere crewneck sweater by Nudie Jeans ·
  • Jeans by Natural Selection ·
  • Black Nubuck Boots by Timberland

The Shearling Bomber

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I don’t think there is a bossier or more badass casual jacket in menswear than the shearling bomber. Inspired by the original B-3 Bomber jacket – originally designed to keep fighter pilots warm in un-heated war planes – this shearling piece is an absolute beast, and an absolutely head-turner.

With a jacket this awesome, you just want a simple outfit to complement and present it. A simple crewneck, a straight leg selvedge jean and a simple boot will do just

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If you don’t have the roughly $7,000 for a brand new work of art like this one by Gucci, you can always search eBay for a actual vintage military piece. For example, I got this one on eBay for $275.

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This is the type of versatile dress boot (fancy leather with a slightly rugged thick rubber sole) that could work with probably 75% of our Fall/Winter outfits.

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  • Shearling bomber by Gucci ·
  • Olive linen crewneck by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Indigo selvedge denim by RPM West ·
  • Captoe leather boots by Cobbler Union

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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