Old-School Updated feat. Sebastian Ramirez

December 30th, 2014

Sebastian Ramirez studied to be an industrial engineer in his hometown of Miami but, like many stylish young men, caught the menswear bug and moved to NYC to explore the tailoring business. Today he’s part of the Alexander Nash team, managing social media and client relations under the direction of Mr. Sumner.

We first met Sebastian at the Liberty Fairs menswear show. He caught our eye because of his old-world outfits, with very subtle modern tweaks. It’s the foundation of his wardrobe: classic tailoring with a twist.

Here are a few examples from his stomping grounds in midtown Manhattan.

Shawl Collar Topcoat

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You already know I love lightweight topcoats, and shawl dinner jackets. Sebastian put them together and came up with this cotton/silk, casual/formal, topcoat/tuxedo blend.

Otherwise this look is timeless: felt fedora, club collar shirt, glenplaid tie, 5-button waistcoat, tailored trouser, captoe lace-ups.

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Worsted Wool Vest in Coffee

Sky Blue Broadcloth Shirt

Gentleman’s Jean Jacket

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A lot of guys have a denim jacket – it’s a wardrobe staple in menswear – but not like this one.

This is a denim fabric tailored into a sleek sportcoat. He offset the casualness of the fabric with a clean one-button front, besom pockets (no flaps) and sleek peak lapels.

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The cashmere trousers also have this sneaky little coin pocket under the waistband, a standard on Alexander Nash pants. It’s perfect for easy access to a credit card, metro card, or any other secret stash you might be carrying.

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  • Denim blazer by Alexander Nash ·
  • Club collar shirt by Alexander Nash ·
  • Blue tie Vintage ·
  • Windowpane cashmere trousers by Alexander Nash ·
  • Wingtips by Just a Men Shoe

Hard Lines, Round Edges

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Suit design is all about subtlety. You want it to last the test of time, but you also want it to work with the rest of your modern menswear wardrobe. The trick is in the subtle details, like gorge line heights, lapel shapes, button stances, and of course, fit. 

This grey double-breasted suit, for example, has rounded edges to go along with the Sebastian’s preference for club collar shirts. Notice the front edges of the jacket, as well as the sleeve cuffs, have soft rounded edges. This is an example of how you “modernize” a suit that will literally never go out of style. If Sebastian keeps a similar weight, he will still be wearing this suit when he’s an old man.

mensstylesebastian (78 of 79)
  • Hat by Dobbs (Vintage) ·
  • Suit by Alexander Nash ·
  • White shirt by Alexander Nash ·
  • Black tie by Alexander Nash ·
  • Captoe shoes by Grenson

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Sebastian for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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