The Finishing Touches feat. Brandon Murphy

December 10th, 2014

Our friend Brandon Murphy, as previously featured here, is an up-and-coming stylist in NYC with a range of clients from corporate executives to professional athletes.

Most of his clients just want to look as cool as he does, so we asked him to share a few of his personal styling tricks with us.

Textured Tailoring


Brandon knows a thing or two about pairing fabrics together. Notice the variation in the textures here; flannel jacket, oxford shirt, tweed vest, worsted trousers, pebbled boots.

This is also another version of the 3-piece mash-up.

  • Navy Kerchief Necktie by Family Dollar ·
  • Blue Stripe Shirt by Thomas Pink

Suited on the Move


A well-dressed gentleman can be tailored for any occasion, even if he’s on the move.

Here Brandon pairs a trim-cut suit with a beefy turtleneck and a pair of sneakers that are perfect for pounding the pavement in NYC.


The finishing touch here is the denim collar peaking out of the turtleneck.

  • Blue Denim Shirt by Club Monaco ·
  • Shoes by Nike Roshe

Don’t Forget the Accessories


Here’s a move we don’t see very often: long-sleeve polo layering, which works great under a flannel jacket.

It’s all about the accessories here again; the tweed newsboy, the lace-trimmed pocket square, the braided leather belt… It’s the details that bring a look together.

  • Grey Driving Cap by Reiss London ·
  • Grey Sweater by Loro Piana ·
  • Plaid Pants by Joe Fresh ·
  • Black boots by Jack Erwin ·
  • Watch by Breitling
  • · White Dress shirt by Prada

White Broadcloth Shirt

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Brandon for the inspiration!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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