Smart Watches, or Nah?

October 9th, 2014

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My good friend Jelani Johnson, as featured here, is a Hollywood producer/manager/agent. He’s in the client services business which means the quicker he responds, the more value he adds to his clients careers (or peace of mind, at least).

That means he’s on the phone a lot; closing deals, discussing scripts, talking shit. To make sure he never misses a beat, he’s been wearing one of those new phone/watch combos. Specifically the Samsung Gear 2.

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While I understand the value of added efficiency, personally I’m not a huge fan of wearable technology (or “hybrid” products in general). Call me old-school, but I almost always default to classic timeless pieces that have a history behind their design.

In my opinion a good timepiece should have a clean, simple and elegant design. It should complement most of your outfits. A great one can complement all of them. It should also be a passive device; it tells you the time of day when you need it. It shouldn’t distract you from your day-to-day interactions.

That’s my main gripe with these tech-y watches (other than the loss of elegance and craftsmanship, of course). They’re outward-facing. Whenever Jelani gets a message, for example, it catches my eye and disrupts our usually very lively and insightful conversations. It seems funny to me to walk around with your text messages and emails on display for everyone to see.

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As a (fairly unfair) point of comparison we swapped Jelani’s Samsung for my Montblanc Timewalker in the same outfit below. It’s  the only watch that I wear – I just swap out the bands depending on my outfit using a spring bar tool.

The look here is an example of how you can dress-up dark grey denim with a charcoal suit jacket, so long as everything fits right. More on that soon.

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In my opinion a simple silver face with a black alligator band is the height of elegance in watches.

But technology continues to become a bigger and bigger part of daily life and wearable “smart devices” are now a part of the menswear conversation. It’s worth discussing.

So what do you think? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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On a side-note; here’s those custom oxfords from yesterday’s custom shoe review again. Looking clean and mean.

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Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Jelani for participating!

Yours in style,


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