More Comfortable than Jeans: The Casual Trouser

September 18th, 2014

As you may have read on Articles of Style in the past, I almost never wear denim in the summer. Denim is a thick and rigid fabric that is not meant for hot days.

As the weather in NYC gradually begins to cool down, however, I’ve been dusting off my selvedge and getting reacquainted with some of my favorite jeans.

It’s usually around this time of year that I’m reminded of why I much prefer trousers to jeans. I find that jeans are usually tight and restrictive (especially around the hips and upper thighs), they sit too low on the hips (especially when seated) and the fabric is stiff and sweaty. Not to mention the front pocket space is impossibly tight (I have some pairs that I can barely fit my hands into).

I don’t get it, really. How denim has become the de-facto “comfortable” pant for so many guys. I find trousers to be significantly more comfortable. They sit at the natural waist, they drape away from the body, the pockets are much more convenient (I also have coin pockets sewn into all my trousers), and most trouser fabrics feel softer and breathe easier than traditional denim. Not to mention trousers are much more malleable, as a tailor can take them in or let them out as needed (jeans cannot be let-out).

Most importantly, though, in a world where the majority of guys are wearing jeans day-in and day-out, a well-tailored trouser worn in a casual context can immediately set a man apart. A casual tailored trouser creates a sharp, smart, and gentlemanly look.

With all that said, I pulled together a few looks from the Articles of Style archives that easily could have been styled with jeans, but the trousers were used to amp up the elegance of the overall look.


All four of the trousers in this story are part of a suit, as well. Which means they can be worn as a suit, as separates with a patterned blazer, or simply as day-to-day pants…making them more versatile than denim.


Jeans here would have made for a much more casual look. The tailored hopsack trouser gives this vintage military trench a slightly more “upscale” feel. It’s a $30 coat from the east village (that I had tailored) but combined with the sharp trouser and a beautiful boot, it looks more like something sold on fifth avenue.




Again, easily could have went with a pair of jeans here, but the soft flannel trouser adds the perfect texture to offset the sheepy shearling (another vintage beauty) and anchor down the weight of the waffle turtleneck.


These olive cotton trousers are probably the most casual of the bunch. These are part of a suit, but easily transition as a go-to chino. They also have a little bit of stretch (2% elastane), making them one of the most comfortable pants in my wardrobe.


Thanks, as always, for reading. Major upgrades coming soon to Articles of Style!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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