Too Late for Linen?

September 8th, 2014

It’s great to be back in NYC. Every time I come back I feel newly inspired by the energy of the city, and the people-watching is off the charts as always.

It’s been very humid over the past couple of days, though, so Wes and I have been wearing linen fabrics almost exclusively. The other day somebody tried to call us out for wearing linen after labor day, because they consider it “out of season”. That got me thinking…

In my opinion, there is no “season” for linen, or any other type of fabric. It’s not about the date on the calendar, it’s about the temperature outside and dealing with the elements.

1. Linen Suit, Structured Polo

linen (7 of 11)

A darker color of linen, like this navy blue for example, can easily stretch into October on the East coast (even with the white mother of pearl buttons). And in warm places like LA, it can be worn year-round.

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With a short-sleeve polo shirt, a dark linen suit is a great way to stay cool and sharp, from day to night.

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Suede loafers can give it that early-Fall feel as well.

linen (11 of 11)
  • Vintage Ralph Lauren Sunglasses from Kings of Past ·
  • Polo shirt by Uniqlo x Michael Bastian ·
  • Brown suede Ring belt by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Chocolate suede tassel loafers by Paul Evans
  • · Navy Linen Suit

Marine Linen Suit

2. Linen Blazer, Band Collar

linen (1 of 11)

Wes has been rocking this awesome blazer in a micro-houndstooth wool/linen blend. I thought the fabric looked familiar – it’s leftover from my MAB x DT collection.

Of course, Wes sticks to his signature band collar shirt – this one also in linen with a sharp bengal stripe.

linen (2 of 11)
linen (3 of 11)

Again, the suede footwear make the linen look a little less “strictly summer”. I should also mention that Wes scored these loafer for $20 at one of his top-secret vintage holes. I think I paid more than that for breakfast yesterday…

linen (4 of 11)


  • Wool/linen blazer ·
  • Navy trousers by Paul Smith ·
  • Brown suede tassel loafers by Allen Edmonds

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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