Street Style: Las Vegas Menswear Shows

August 19th, 2014

The crew and I are in Las Vegas this week to check out the latest in menswear and connect with some of our friends in the biz.

There’s always an abundance of street style at these shows. Here’s some of our favorite looks from Day 1.

Vegas (2 of 52)

A beautiful suit cut by the soft spoken gangster.

Vegas (4 of 52)

The return of the waking stick. More on that later.

Vegas (5 of 52)

Not camo, paint splatter. With some khakis and greens – call it military “inspired”.

Vegas (6 of 52)

Summer safari, with a funky jean lining.

Vegas (7 of 52) Vegas (9 of 52)

Workwear henley, tough boots, and pinstripe selvedge.

Vegas (11 of 52)

The happiest twins in the game, with the coolest hat game.

Vegas (15 of 52)

Not sure what I like most; the headwrap, the elastic hemline, the super-deep cuff, or the retro Jays. Maybe the flyest guy in the place.

Vegas (16 of 52)

Leather apron, western chambray, crispy sneaks.

Vegas (18 of 52)

Our boy Ouigi running the show in some heavy pleats and a super fresh shine.

Vegas (22 of 52)

Ascot, polka dots, two-tone kiltie monks.

Vegas (24 of 52)

Our boy M. Cohen sneaking around. The hand jewelry gives him away.

Vegas (26 of 52)

We told you tuxedos can be dressed down. Extra points for the blue frames.

Vegas (40 of 52)

We wouldn’t be true to Articles of Style if we didn’t finish this with a clean young gentleman in a sharp seasonal 3-piece suit.

Thanks for reading.

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