Jersey Knit Button-Downs

August 11th, 2014

Firstly, my apologies for the slower-than-usual content lately. As mentioned, we recently brought on a couple new team members and we’ve been spending most of our days plotting and scheming to bring you a whole new Articles of Style in the near future. More on all that soon-ish.

Lately I’ve been keeping the articles true to my personal wardrobe by highlighting some of the pieces that have migrated to the front of my rotation. For example, this summer, rather than falling into the t-shirt or polo shirt trap, I’ve been experimenting with jersey knit button-downs.

They feel and perform like t-shirts (their made from the same kind of stretchy jersey cotton), but they have the shape and silhouette of a more formal button-down.

Here’s two that I’ve been wearing this week.



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