How to Find Jeans for Big Athletic Thighs

July 22nd, 2014


As a former college basketball player, I can sympathize with our readers who have athletic thighs and a hard time finding jeans that fit properly.

I’ve certainly dropped some weight since my playing days, but I still have the proportions problem. If they fit in the waist, they’re way too tight in the thighs (which can’t be let-out in jeans). And if they fit in the thighs, then they are likely way too big in the waist.

So what’s the solution?

Here’s some tips:

  • Avoid anything with the words “Skinny” or “Matchstick”. These are not for you
  • Hit a large department store and try on as many brands/sizes/cuts as possible to find the closest fit. Be weary of “slim”, too. What you’re looking for is probably “Straight” or maybe even “Relaxed”
  • The trick is to find a pair that fits well through the thigh, even if they are a little big in the waist/seat. Remember they can be taken-in at the tailor, but cannot be let-out
  • Once you find the closest fit, wear them around the house for a day or two to pre-stretch them. Then bring them to your tailor to have them slimmed-down where needed
  • Keep in mind the waist/seat can’t be TOO big, as slimming it down brings the back pockets closer together
  • If you’re not experienced working with a tailor, consider brining a picture of the fit you’re looking for (being realistic with your body type). You can use the newly added Articles of Style LOOKBOOK to find inspiration.
  • Once you have your new jeans nipped to the perfect fit, don’t wash them! Try to go unwashed for as long as possible. If they get too funky, go with dry cleaning instead as this will avoid any possible shrinkage or fit changes.

Have any experienced with buying jeans for muscular thighs? Feel free to share any tips from your experience in the comments section below.

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you have any questions about our online custom menswear, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to serving as your personal tailor and stylist. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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