How to Fix Glasses to Stay on Your Face

July 15th, 2014

Your shades, like any other accessory, should fit properly. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to continually push my shades back up after they slide down the bridge of my nose. It frustrates me to no end. Luckily there’s an easy and free solution.

The reason they slide down the nose is because they aren’t wrapped properly around the ears.

When first purchased, most sunglass temples look something like this:

(notice the approx. 45 degree angle of the earpieces)

To anchor them properly to your face, have them fitted at your local eyewear shop. Many do free adjustments. Lenscrafters will do it even if they don’t carry the frames.

First the specialist marks the point where the temples reach your ears. Then they apply some heat to the frames and bend them to wrap-around snugly.

When finished the temples should look more like this:

(notice the curvature of the earpieces)

Once they’re bent around your ears they won’t slide anywhere, which will free up your hands…and ease your frustrations.

Just a quick tip for today. More in-depth Eyewear Fit Guide coming soon.

Yours in style,



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