Monochromatic Tailoring

July 14th, 2014

Pairing shirts and ties can be tricky. Next time don’t bother.

Forget pattern-mixing, a stronger statement is to keep everything patternless and in the same color family.

Here are three color inspirations for monochromatic tailoring that are sure to make you the suavest guy in the room.



You already know I’m a big fan of green suits. I have one for each season.

Green is a very underated color in menswear. Given my pale skin I don’t usually mess with bright shades like lime, but darker tones can be very flattering. Here’s a few of my favorite green pieces mashed up: emerald silk/wool suit, teal linen shirt, cotton forest tie, faded olive trench, and midnight green wingtips.


  • Vintage Ralph Lauren Sunglasses from Kings of Past ·
  • Military surplus trench coat (tailored) Vintage ·
  • Teal linen shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna (vintage) ·
  • “Tyndall” olive leather wingtips by Johnston & Murphy
  • · Green Double Breasted Suit

Forest Worsted Suit



You can put together a monochromatic look with just about any color, but burgundy is another one that is seldom used in a tailored context. In dark tones it’s a color that subtly stands out during the day, and is ideal for the evening.

Shout out to Kings of Past; the best selection of authentic vintage shades I’ve ever come across. They have some incredible one-of-a-kind frames, like these 60’s era Hugo Boss tortoise shades and the horn/silver Ralph Laurens from the look above.


  • Vintage Hugo Boss sunglasses via Kings of Past ·
  • Burgundy trench coat by Burberry London ·
  • Burgundy wingtips by Ted Baker ·
  • Burgundy knit tie Kent & Curwen
  • · Burgundy suit

Burgundy Worsted Suit


2048px-51edit2 copy

A man cannot have too much blue in his wardrobe. It’s a color that flatters almost any skin tone and is socially acceptable in virtually any context. There also aren’t too many shades that don’t work together. So pile ’em on.

Here Will is wearing a navy cotton Mac, a faded royal linen suit, an indigo denim dress shirt, and a midnight suede dress boots. If you want to go even more monochromatic you can try one of my favorite looks: All Navy Everything.

On a side note, your linen suits are going to wrinkle. Don’t sweat it, embrace it. It gives you a little unkempt charm to offset your razor-sharp tailoring.



Thanks for reading.

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