LA x NY Style feat. Browne Andrews

July 2nd, 2014

In the world of menswear blogs the word “stylist” often gets abused. Every one is calling themselves a “stylist” now. Or even worse, “image consultant”. There is virtually no barrier to entry. All you need is a Twitter account and a Tumblr with an About page. The thing is, bloggers rarely get cast as stylists for commercial projects. We sometimes forget, I think, that in the fashion industry there are experts who have built careers as professional stylists.

LA native Browne Andrews has been building his resume in the game. He’s worked with major fashion publications like Vogue, GQ and WWD and has styled celebrity clients for TV appearances and events like the Met Gala.

We actually met Browne at our LA Influencer Dinner; came as Waraire Boswell‘s guest. I recognized him right away because I randomly follow him on Instagram after I stumbled on his profile and added him to our “LA Feature” list.

To expand his network Browne moved to NYC in 2012, which makes perfect sense. What I love most about his style is that it’s an authentic blend of Los Angeles and New York City; which I can sincerely appreciate.

Here’s three looks that the LA native packed on his recent trip back from NYC.

1. Tuxedo & Tank


A tuxedo with a tank top, brown wingtips and a grey felt hat?

This is proof that if the fit is on point and you have the confidence to own the look, you can break all kinds of traditional menswear “rules”.

I love how Browne usually wears classic menswear pieces, but in unexpected combinations.


It’s easy to add some personality and attitude to a simple look – it’s all in the details. Like the pinky ring, the bracelets, the eyewear shape, and the hat tilt.

  • Grey Felt hat by Akubra ·
  • Black Shall Collar Tux by Band of Outsiders ·
  • Hand Painted Wingtips by Esquivel

2. Not So Buttoned-Up


The fabric-blocked button-down shirt is a sort of play between West and East coast aesthetics itself. Bold and playful prints mixed with a traditional business shirt.


Browne also has a mean hat collection. A felt brim is part of his signature look.


No matter where you’re at, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors. They’re one of those items that gets better with age.

  • Black Felt Hat by ZOOT ·
  • Blue Patter Shirt by Comme des Garçon ·
  • Light Wash Jeans by Levis Vintage Collection ·
  • White Sneakers by Converse Lo 1970s

3. Black, White & Browne


I’ve already discussed the value of investing in a great leather jacket, like Browne’s here by BLK DNM. We also covered the trick to wearing black with brown, and Alex already school us on the art of frayed denim.

Here Browne just puts it all together in his own staple way: clean and minimal with emphasis on the details.


This hat was a little too clean and pristine looking. Nothing a bullet hole and a vintage King of Spades can’t fix.


If you don’t own a air of sleek chelsea boots already, that should be at the top of your list.

  • Custom brown Felt Hat by WORMSER ·
  • Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket by BLK DNM ·
  • White Tshirt by Fruit of the Loom ·
  • White Jeans by 3 x1 ·
  • Brown Suede Chelsea Boots by Hudson

Thanks for reading and special thanks to Browne for participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier & Articles of Style

Photography by Alex Crawford, assisted by Shayan Asgharnia.