Not Your Grandpa’s Tassel Loafers

June 6th, 2014

We’ve done several pieces on the versatility of the oxblood tassel loafers – primarily since you can almost always find them in vintage stores or on eBay for under $40. Vintage brown/burgundy tassel loafs may very well be the most commonly featured footwear in the Articles of Style archives.

We’ve continued to showcase plenty of tassel loafers, but lately they’ve been richer in color and more unique in texture. A tassel loafer will always be a versatile menswear shoe because of it’s traditional shape, but in a richly colored leather or suede they can add a whole new dynamic to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Here’s some examples from recent posts to get you thinking, as well as some of my favorites that are currently available online.

1. Lime

From post: “Spring Color Palettes feat. Khaled Nasr

2. Navy

From post: “WIWT June 5th 2014

3. Two-Tone

From Post: “Jacket Art feat. Angel Ramos

4. Columbia Blue

From post: “Band Collars Make Her Dance feat. Wes

5. Khaki Suede


Thanks, as always, for reading. Great content coming up!

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