Smart Summer Tailoring feat. Sean Hotchkiss

July 1st, 2011

There’s something about a guy who knows how to look sharp and comfortable at the same time, and who does this better than an on-the-go fashion journalist?

For this feature – on how to look good on the move – we tapped Sean Hotchkiss, a genuine down-to-earth guy, golf style aficionado and writer for the GQ Eye.

“I’ve always loved writing, clothing and golf…it’s been great to be able to combine the things I’m passionate about into a career path.”

Here Sean shows us how he gets around town and never misses a beat in style.

1. Buttoned-Up Sneaks 

“I’m on the go a lot and versatility is important to me when choosing my clothes. For this look, I think the denim and sneakers do a good job of balancing out the tie and jacket without looking out of place. With this I can attend a more formal event uptown, then easily transition to covering a more laid-back scene downtown.”

Tip: So many guys get this wrong. When wearing jeans with a tie, make sure the fit is cohesive with the jacket. The denim should be cut in a similar shape/silhouette as the matching suit trousers would be.

Tip II: White denim and knit ties – summer staples that are sure to be complimented (provided they are pulled-off correctly).

  • Navy jacket by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Tan sneakers by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Navy/ white knit tie by Polo Ralph Lauren ·
  • White denim jeans by RL Rugby
  • · Light blue shirt by Paul Stuart

Sky Blue Broadcloth Shirt

2. Unstructured Jacketing 

“This was kind of my Italian look (haha). They’re always so amazing with color and I was thinking of Pitti Uomo when I pulled out this unlined linen blazer and these green trousers… If I have to wear a blazer in the summer, I want it to be lightweight and cut short so I don’t feel like the heat is hanging on me.”

Tip: “I’d advise getting an unstructured and/or unlined blazer asap. If it’s a versatile color (like khaki or navy) you could pull it off every day of the week if you needed.”

Tip II: Socklessness is fairly mainstream now (at least in NYC and major cities). “If I have to wear anything where socks are required, I’m not going.”

Tip III: “This RL alligator chicklet belt is my absolute favorite. It works very well for golf and is simple yet elegant.”

  • Khaki jacket by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Pink microcheck shirt by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Brown alligator belt by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Shades by Moscot ·
  • Green trousers by J. Lindeberg

3. Slippin’ Around Town

“This is my favorite summer jacket; a soft-shouldered linen herringbone with patch pockets from J. Lindeberg. It’s so damn versatile. I always pack this blazer for weekends on the road and it almost looks better when it has a little rumple to it….This look can take you anywhere and I think it shows both a serious side and a playful side, which works well in warmer months.”

Tip: Velvet slippers in the place of loafers is a fresh twist, and certainly gives you a style bump. Just save the solid black ones for formal events, and be easy with the bold crescents.

Tip II: Beltless jeans add a laid-backness to a look, which is great for summer when things get a little more casual all around.

Tip III: Green in the summer tie, slight green-ish hue to the denim, green velvet loafs, green-ish bracelets – this guy is no style rookie.

  • Forest green velvet slippers by Del Toro ·
  • Navy jacket by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Green tie by J. Lindeberg ·
  • Bracelets by Burkman Bros ·
  • Jeans by APC

Thanks for reading and special thanks to Sean for Participating!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Brent Eysler.