Creating Visual Experiences feat. Earry Hall

June 11th, 2014

Chicago native Earry Hall is someone that I would say is legitimately “doing his damn thing”. He’s a creative spirit who has managed to use his unique skillset to create the lifestyle of his choosing. He’s a highly sought after freelance creative with an infectious personality, a mean downtown bachelor pad, and a knack for turning heads.

The downtown socialite has done everything from designing apparel for Nike, to developing special edition Beats headphones for Lebron James, to sketching updated versions of Simpsons characters along with a project he calls “Modernizing the Donut”. For real. 

Two things I love about his story. 1) He’s living proof that if you develop your skills, stay humble, and stay on your hustle you can live the dream. You can make your own schedule and earn a living without having to feel like you are “working”.  2) His style is off-the-wall, which is very true to Earry himself. He creates “visual experiences”, both as a freelance consultant and as a young man who uses fashion to build his own brand.

“I’m a designer from Chicago. I design product, branding, experiences and moments. I think my style is just one of the moments I design… My personal style began in my formative years. I remember wanting to wear a suit to Disney Land when I was six years old because I wanted to be presentable when I met Mickey mouse. That was such an ill moment for me.”

As a creative who reports only to himself and his work, he was the freedom and flexibility to develop his personal style in whichever direction he sees fit. His style is like a walking resume for him – so you know it’s creative, unexpected, “downtown”, and confidently in-your-face.

Here are three of the “visual experiences” that Earry has come to be known for.

1. Summertime Blues


“I think style is an intellectual encounter that happens before we utter a word to each other. Our moods are in the colors and our stories are in the details.

It’s important be true to your story and how you feel. Under that standard, I believe that true style is honesty and independence. Both are rare and important.”


More than anything, Earry is a downtown magnet with his ear to the street. You would know this if you stepped foot in his downtown loft and listened to his smooth playlist; DJ samples of classic blues and R&B hits. Like myself (and a lot of creatives I think) Earry draws inspiration from music and lives with a carefully curated soundtrack playing loudly in the background.


2. Chitown Love


Head in the clouds. Ear to the streets. Always repping his Chitown roots.

“I think that society wants you to believe that style should fit inside of a space, inside of a trend or an era. I choose to believe that great style and taste creates it’s own space. Upgrade your style by creating your own space. There should be only one you, aesthetically and intellectually. Convey both when you step into world.”


“The most meaningful pieces to me are the Mayan bracelet and the Suki Fresh necklace. The bracelet I haven’t taken off in 4 years. It reminds me of my family and how close they are wherever I go.

The onyx necklace was a gift from the owner of Suki Fresh. She made it for me herself and presented it to me on my birthday. Everything from the packaging to the product was handmade by her. It was one of the greatest symbols of design integrity and craftsmanship that I can remember.”


3. One Pac, Tupac

!Earry-46 copy

“I represent the marriage between a want and a need as well as the endless opportunity to fill voids. From the start it has only been about this goal, becoming more intrigued by what has yet to be conceived as opposed to creating more of what already does. I believe that there’s value in this school of thought. Through the art of design and creative direction I’ve been afforded the opportunity to create product and visuals that I wish existed: pushing boundaries in hopes of finding new territory through collaborative efforts and independent ventures.

This is my life’s work. I hope that it inspires people to feel, take risks, and make mistakes.”

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Lastly, I’ll leave you creatives out there with I ne of Earry’s quotes that stuck with me: “YOURE NOT WEIRD, YOUR RARE!”


Thanks for reading and special thanks to Earry for participating! 

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford.