Hair Product: East Coast vs. West Coast

May 19th, 2014

Since our move from NYC to LA, we’ve been steadily documenting the (very notable) differences in style from the East Coast to the West Coast. It’s been a fascinating cultural experiment, and a continuous learning experience.

One of the first things that gradually started to change, for both Alex and I, was the way we styled our hair.

Here’s my perspective.

East Coast

East Coast: sharp, clean, layered, tailored, serious, success-driven, about-my-business, thoughtfully put together

On the East coast I usually keep my hair sleek and sharply in place (to go with my bespoke suits and serious business shirts). First I dampen my hair, dry my hands thoroughly, and work-in a significant amount of product. Then I use a sharp comb to split the side part, and swoop it all up and to the side in a Don Draper-like fashion. I also use a stiffer product with a strong hold and high shine, something like this hard water pomade.

West Coast

West Coast: casual, flowy, easy, beachy, free spirited, about-my-lifestyle, purposefully underthought

On the West Coast my hairstyle is a bit different. I still keep it high and tight on the sides, but it’s much looser and wavier (to go better with my lightweight leather jackets and linen tees). First I soak my hair, dry my hands thoroughly, than work in a small amount of pomade. No combs on the west coast; I forgo the side-part all together and only use my fingers to push my hair straight back. It’s purposefully messy and sometimes falls down in my face a little, which I really like. It’s like my version of a whiteboy jerry curl. I also use a lighter product with a more natural hold and only a slight sheen, something like this cream pomade.


Do you change your hairstyle with different outfits/styles? Or always stick to one go-to “do”?


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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