What I Wore Today: LA Office vs. NYC Office

April 24th, 2014

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“LA Office vs. NYC Office”

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1. Dan


Since moving to LA I’ve had a lot of new influences on my style. Country western, rock & roll, beach culture. But at my roots I still love classic tailored menswear, in a not-so-classic fashion, naturally.

With the move to southern California, my tailoring just got a whole lot more tropical. Like orange and banana trees in my backyard Tropical. It’s really a fun way to dress, and it’s often unexpected in casual Cali settings – but people love it.


The best part about this look – other than this rich chocolate brown linen suit – is the two small brands that I’m about to put you on to.

Dolbeau cuts limited edition ties out of funky vintage fabrics. This “African Safari Tie” is printed wax cotton, handcut and sewn in Canada.

Alara is the product of a luxury shirt manufacturer with 25 years experience creating garments for all kinds of high end brands. They’ve recently turned to selling shirts directly to consumers, at a really great value. This Italian indigo spread collar shirt is one of my new favorites.

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Even in the warmer months you can, and should, experiment with textures.

The suit is crispy linen, the shirt is denim, the tie is waxed cotton, the loafers are oiled suede, the socks are ribbed cotton/cashmere, and the pocket square is raw silk.

  • Clear frame sunglasses by Vintage ·
  • Denim spread collar shirt by Alara ·
  • Wax Cotton “African Safari” Tie by Dolbeau ·
  • Green socks by Polo Ralph Lauren ·
  • Brown waxed suede loafers by Martin Dingman
  • · Chocolate brown linen suit

Worsted Wool Suit in Coffee

2. Alex


Today Alex is getting his Western Menswear Michael Jackson on…and I’m really feeling it.


“I found this hat at Target for $16. In the men’s section no less! I can’t believe that Target is up on the brimmed hat game. Granted, it was in Beverly Hills.”


“I’m still rocking that frayed denim – it always adds an interesting touch to my usually very simple outfits.”

  • Black Felt Hat by Target ·
  • White Short Sleeve button down by Polo ·
  • Black Denim Jacket by Levi’s ·
  • White Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Black Leather Double Monkstraps by Just A Men Shoe

3. Wes

17 copy

Wes keeping it simple and mixing some tailoring with some vintage, per the usual.

“As I’ve mentioned before, I took a bunch of my father’s old ties and turned them in to pocket squares. A fairly simple do-it-yourself accessory that looks just as good as any other pocket square. I just saved you anywhere from eight to eighty five dollars.”


It’s funny because I gave these faded RL jeans to Wes when I left NYC. They were really long and a little baggy; I didn’t really like the fit and didn’t wear them much. So this guy Wes takes them to our homie Franklin, down on the Clinton street. On the block. To give him some work. On a connection that I set up. Now they fit slim and tapered. And I want them back.


“I think these are my favorite loafers for Spring/Summer. They’re not quite oxblood, not quite wine, not quite brown. Of course I scooped them at a vintage store, for probably less than I paid for this deli sandwich I’m eating right now”

  • White button collar shirt ·
  • Floral pocket square Handmade ·
  • Tortoise aviator shades by Persol ·
  • Light wash jeans by Ralph Lauren Polo ·
  • Burgundy horsebit loafers by Bass (Vintage)
  • · Gray Double Breasted Jacket

Light Gray Essential Suit

4. Towni


Towni going back to basics because “it’s all about the hair”.

White oxford, olive chinos, burgundy espadrilles. Can’t go wrong for a casual day off.


“My style icon lately has been Johnny Depp, circa BLOW.”



Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford & Westley Dimagiba.