Hollywood Glamour: The Cream Suit

April 17th, 2014

It’s no secret that I love suits. Nothing makes a man look sharper and more sophisticated. And from my experience, a well-tailored suit can open doors and bring opportunities, especially in LA (as I wrote about here).

Most guys already have a navy or grey business suit, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start dabbling with different fabrics, fits, constructions, etc. it really opens your eyes (and the eyes of others) to the value of stand-out tailoring. It’s also never been easier to build a tailored wardrobe that extends beyond the every-guy basics, thanks to affordable off-the-rack options from brands like Suit Supply and J.Crew, as well as a number of reliable Made-to-Measure clothiers.

I write a lot about the merits of investing in high-quality, perfectly fitting, staple business suits. The bespoke suit that gets you the job and stands up to conference room gunfire. What I don’t write about enough, I think, is the other side of the spectrum; investing in affordable options to keep your wardrobe fresh, unexpected, and most importantly, fun. After you have the workhorse staples (navy, grey, pinstripe, etc) I would consider investing in suits that are a little more style-forward and casual-friendly for all those times that you’re not punching the clock. After all, suits don’t have to be synonymous with business.

Here’s a great example. An off-white cream suit is a rarity, but such a beauty. Especially in a cotton/silk blend. This color of suit is synonymous with Spring, as well as sophisticated men of class and wealth. Think Jay Gatsby or Michael Cane in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (every man of class and wealth has his secrets).

Here’s some ideas on how to make the off-white suit a stand-out piece in your Spring wardrobe.

1. Spring Wedding



Want to be the best-dressed man at that big outdoor wedding coming up? This is an easy win.

Just make sure the groom is not wearing a white/cream suit as well, because you don’t want to show him up on his big day. Or maybe you do, that’s on you.


I had to go full Gatsby and bring out the big guns on this one; 18 karat gold shades, gold collar pin, vintage Rolex, custom crocodile shoes.

The double-breasted cream suit just calls for luxury finishes.


Thanks to my friend, and former agent, Andrew Weitz for the custom made pocket square.

  • Gold hand-engraved aviator shades by Matsuda Eyewear ·
  • Gold collar pin by WANT ·
  • Navy silk knit tie by Ralph Lauren Polo ·
  • Vintage Watch with Crocodile Band by Rolex ·
  • A. Weitz pocket square ·
  • Crocodile captoe lace-ups by Scarpe di Bianco

2. Go-To Summer Trousers


A lightweight pair of ivory trousers may be the most underrated piece of menswear for Spring.

You can wear them with literally anything and they instantly add class to your look – even if it’s just a tucked-in t-shirt (more on that later).


Another underrated menswear piece is the navy shirt. This one is vintage, faded and a little beat-up – which is exactly why I paired it with these clean tailored pieces.


The navy windowpane on this linen jacket and the navy tassels on the suede loafers bring this look together in a subtle way that’s not too matchy-matchy,

  • “Atticus” Sunglasses by Tortoise & Blonde ·
  • Navy shirt by Gucci (Vintage) ·
  • Vintage Watch with Crocodile Band by Rolex ·
  • Brown/navy suede tassel loafers by Just A Men Shoe

3. Creams & Camels


A monochromatic outfit in rich shades of creams & camels is perfect for a fancy Spring afternoon.

Call it “French Riviera Chic” because it gives off a vibe that life should be easy and breezy.


I’ve been mentioning silk suiting for a while now, but this is the first ready-to-wear version we’ve featured with visual pilling, which adds a really unique texture.

Plenty more on menswear silks as we inch closer to summertime.


I got this one the other day and thought it was an interesting question: “It seems like you’re often dressed-up, even over-dressed, especially for LA. Do you always have occasions to dress in tailored suits?”

I don’t think you need an occasion to wear a tailored jacket or trousers. I wear them in casual situations all the time, because I feel good in them, and people tend to respond positively to tailoring by choice. Of course, it also helps my business, and my brand. I’m quietly trying to bring back Hollywood glamour, and make lightweight casual suits in cool again in LA…more on that later. Once I’m gone, if I’m remembered as that guy who was often over-dressed, at least I’ll be remembered for something positive.


Worsted Wool Suit in Camel

  • Gold hand-engraved aviator shades by Matsuda Eyewear ·
  • Silk scarf from LA Flea Market ·
  • Khaki hairline stripe shirt by Proper Cloth ·
  • Woven cotton ring belt by Ralph Lauren Polo ·
  • Custom crocodile skin loafers by Scarpe di Bianco
  • · Camel hopsack suit trousers


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford 

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