1 Piece/3 Ways: Cognac Chelsea Boots

April 4th, 2014

I love finding affordable footwear with simple, elegant design.

After writing so much about the value of expensive footwear, I think affordable shoes have gotten a bad rap.  After all, I think one of the best things you can do to make your expensive shoes really last the test of time, is to add a couple pairs to your rotation to give them a break.

Here’s a great example of a fill-in-the-gap pair that I just picked up. They’re the “Remington” leather chelsea boots by Aldo (only $108 with promo code BUY100 – ends Sunday). I have a few nicer pairs of chelsea boots in my line-up, but didn’t have anything in a rich cognac brown; which in my opinion is the sharpest color for Spring footwear. I didn’t want to drop another $400+ on benchmade chelseas, I just wanted something to fill a gap in my rotation, and these have been doing a fantastic job.

Here’s three ways to wear them (although, you can probably wear them with just about anything).

1. Stick & Move


I’m off to New York tonight.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an obsessively light packer. I carry the absolute minimum amount of weight in luggage. Any trip under a week is strictly carry-on (and if the trip is longer I’d rather do laundry than lug around a big bag that needs to be checked). The trick is wearing versatile layers on the plane.


Four days in NYC = everything worn here, plus a tote containing:

  • Green trousers (to match jacket)
  • Houndstooth trousers (to match waistcoat)
  • Khaki trench coat
  • Chambray shirt
  • White oxford shirt
  • Heather grey cardigan

There are dozens of different outfit combination with just these pieces. (I have no problem wearing the same item twice – or more sometimes – on road trips. A good steam and press goes a long way.)


Forest Tweed Suit

Mint Bengal Stripe Oxford Shirt

2. West Coast Safari


Living on the Wild Wild West coast has had all kinds of influences on my style. Here for example, unconsciously showing a little southern country/safari vibes. It’s different out West…compared to the sharp lines and professional attitude of NYC.

The style if as different as the lifestyle. More on that later.


I found this white linen safari coat in a dusty vintage warehouse where we sometimes dig for treasure. It’s missing the belt, but I think I paid $7 for it. It could probably use a little nip & tuck chez Franklin – but I like it a little sloppy and flowy.

The henley was an unexpected Christmas gift from Vince. Usually I don’t promote things just because they are mailed to our office…but this cashmere henley is unbelievable soft and probably the most comfortable top I own. They’re known for the hand of their fabrics.

  • Brown felt hat by Stetson (Vintage) ·
  • Clear frame sunglasses by Vintage ·
  • White linen safari jacket by Ralph Lauren (Vintage) ·
  • Cashmere waffle henley by Vince ·
  • Braided leather belt by Trafalgar ·
  • Houndstooth socks by Ralph Lauren ·
  • “Remington” leather chelsea boots by Aldo
  • · Khaki chinos by Polo Ralph Lauren

Khaki Cotton Trouser

3. Spring Business


And of course, a sharp cognac chelsea boot should be smooth enough to keep up with your best Spring suit.

This navy cotton number (in a beautiful Ariston cotton with slight sheen) is a workhorse for me come Spring/Summer. It’s like having a go-to lightweight blazer and a pair of can’t-fail chinos.


The baby pink shirt is courtesy of our friend Angel, as you can probably tell by the high-standing power collar.

The herringbone cashmere tie is also handmade in Italy by Angel Bespoke, and it is an absolutely masterpiece.


There you have it, three of the endless ways to wear Spring’s hottest boot: the cognac chelsea.

  • Tortoise and silver sunglasses by Matsuda ·
  • Pink shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Cashmere tie by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Pink/green stripe socks by Paul Smith ·
  • “Remington” leather chelsea boots by Aldo
  • · Navy cotton suit

Royal Cotton Suit


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford