Cowboy in the City feat. Alex Crawford

March 7th, 2014

Alex has really been coming into his own.

He’s perfected the ‘Texas Rancher meets menswear Art Director’ aesthetic. His last post on frayed denim was awesome, so we had him take the reins on this one too.

“I’ve always had a thing for workwear and southern inspired dress. In the past year or so I’ve been getting more and more comfortable in those styles, but up until recently I didn’t own a pair cowboy boots. I mentioned this to my dad when I was in Houston over the summer and he pulled this beautiful pair of custom boots out of the back of his closet. Since then I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively.

So when it came time to pack for fashion week in New York, I figured I would just plan my outfits around the boots. I always dress a bit over the top for NYFW anyway, so I saw this as an opportunity to test their versatility. On my last day in Texas my dad pulled out this amazing turquoise bolo tie and said; ‘you can’t have a pair of boots without a bolo’.”

1. Cold City Cowboy


“The last five months in LA have softened my skin more than I thought it would. On our first day in NYC staying warm was priority number one. White cut-off jeans with cowboy boots is already a statement, so I just bundled up from there.”


“I know that Dan has featured this beefy Yokoo scarf before, but I just have to mention it. The weight and warmth is incredible – it can replace a heavy parka. It also garnered a fair share of compliments at shows.”


“One of the best things about inheriting a pair of well-made old boots is that you don’t have to go through the process of breaking them in. I brought two other pairs of boots on the trip, but ended up wearing these everyday. They were just so warm and comfortable (with thick wool socks).”


If you’re looking for a pair of versatile cowboy boots, look for something simple, medium brown, and understated. Avoid crazy colors, two-tones, contrast stitching, extra pointy toes, aggressive animal skins, any embroidered logos/bedazzling, etc. Think like a real cowboy, not as an urban fashion cowboy. Authenticity is key.


  • Brown Felt Hat bought from a homeless man in San Francisco ·
  • Oatmeal hand-knit scarf by Yokoo Scarves ·
  • Vintage Bolo Tie ·
  • Navy Henley by Old Navy ·
  • Chambray Pop Over Shirt by H&M ·
  • Navy Peacoat by Levi’s ·
  • Denim Shirt by H&M ·
  • White 511 Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Custom Vintage Brown Leather Cowboy boots

2. Texas Two-Piece


“I knew from the start that I wanted to wear these boots with my black MAB peak lapel suit. You’ll never see me mix black and brown leathers, but I’ll mix black and brown fabrics all day.

I raided Dan’s closet for this moleskin overcoat from Banana Republic. Funny how the size small fits us both… When I went to the Houston Rodeo as a kid, the older cowboys always wore a duster over their suit to keep it from getting dirty. I don’t have a duster anymore, but the 3/4 length and rugged texture of this trim topcoat was a perfect replacement.”


“I really love the way a bolo tie looks when fastened all the way up. I’ve been wearing this one loose and casual, but there’s something sharp about replacing a traditional necktie with a bolo. Then again, I grew up in a culture full of bolo wearing men, so my perspective may be a bit southernly skewed.”


“My dad gave me sh-t for the length of my trousers when he saw this photo. But, cowboy boots or no cowboy boots, I’ve never liked the way slacks look pooled around a man’s ankles. I’ll stick with no-break for now.”

  • Beige Stratoliner Hat by Stetson ·
  • White French Cuff Shirt ·
  • Vintage Bolo Tie ·
  • Brown moleskin topcoat by Banana Republic ·
  • Custom Vintage Brown Leather Cowboy boots

3. Western Textures


“Or course I had to go full-western for one of the looks, NYC or not.

I could see a cowboy saddling-up his horse on a cold winter day in this outfit.”


“Stealing from Dan’s closet again here; this vintage cowichan sweater was perfect for this western look. I spend most of my money on camera equipment – and he gets plenty of free swag – so we share the love.”


“I really love the mix of fabric textures in this look. Fur felt, waxed cotton, corduroy, rugged wool, broken-in denim, old beat-up leather…all the good stuff.”

  • Beige Stratoliner Hat by Stetson ·
  • Vintage Bolo Tie ·
  • Navy Henley by Old Navy ·
  • Denim Shirt by H&M ·
  • Vintage chunky “cowichan” zip shawl cardigan ·
  • Green Waxed Cotton Barbour Beaufort Jacket ·
  • Blue Jeans by J.Crew ·
  • Custom Vintage Brown Leather Cowboy boots


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier