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What I Wore Today: No Snow in the West

January 29th, 2014

Articles of Style rule #1: Always bring your ‘A’ game.

“No Snow in the West”

Use the comment section below to tell us which is your favorite outfit and why!

1. Alex


“When I moved to LA I decided to stop cutting my hair. I had really long hair in college and I loved the way it looked, but in NYC we were constantly going to fancy events where I felt the need to keep my sh-t tight and looking dapper. Now that I’m in LA I have a bit more leeway with my mop top.

The problem with growing your hair out from a buzzcut is the many awkward phases it has to go through. I’m going through a rough one of those right now. I’ve been wearing a lot of hats. But you can’t always keep a lid on it, so Dan suggested I try the slicked back look. This is my first attempt.

On a scale from Leo to Macaulay what do you guys think?”

  • Black Denim Jacket by Levi’s ·
  • Chambray Pop Over Shirt by H&M ·
  • White 511 Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Black Boots by JD Fisk

2. Wes


Wes is in town getting a much needed break from the NYC cold to soak up some LA sun.

We’ve been showing him a West Coast experience with staples like In-N-Out burger, a private pre-Grammy concert, some bball in Venice beach, and a long night watching the waves.

I’m pretty sure he’s having a good time.


Wes kept his carry-on light by packing some simple blues. And of course, you know he brought some band collar shirts and a couple one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.


Royal Cotton Trouser

  • Tortoise shades by Persol ·
  • Blue Lightweight Jacket Vintage ·
  • Band collar shirt ·
  • Brown leather belt by Massimo Dutti ·
  • Herringbone Socks by Marcoliani ·
  • Suede loafers by Ralph Lauren
  • · Navy 484 chinos by J.Crew

3. Dan


Ok, I’m not actually wearing this today. I’m “out of the office” (aka laying on the beach) so we pulled this look that I never used from our trip to snowy Sundance Film Festival.

This is the oversized belted cardigan from my FIT Design Collection. I wanted the thickest, heaviest cardigan that we could knit. This beast ways about 10 pounds and is super warm. It’s also just large enough to fit over a blazer.

I like to think I created a new category here: the overcardigan.


I certainly don’t miss the freezing cold winds in the face, but after living in LA for a few months I do miss layering on heavy clothes.

Winter clothes have such a variety and depth to them. Check out these awesome textures.


Cotton/cashmere waffle knit cardigan, wool/alpaca double-breasted jacket, and thick velvety cords (from this custom 3-piece suit).


Also, more dress boots in action.

  • Burgundy chunky belted cardigan by Dan Trepanier (FIT Collection) ·
  • White Italian Collar Shirt ·
  • Navy corduroy suit trousers ·
  • ‘Haight’ chelsea boot by Allen Edmonds

4. Khaled Nasr


Our friend Khaled (as featured in Italian Power Tailoring as well as this WIWT) is one of the best dressed guys we’ve met in LA. Here he shows us how he dresses-down that incredible Italian tailoring.

“A pinstripe suit can get a lot of debate. Some people insist that it’s a power business look intended only for a corporate work environment…and always with a tie. But I like to have fun with it. The key to this look is the three patch pockets, the heavier flannel fabric and a lean fit.”


“As usual, I’m wearing a power collar shirt from Angel Bespoke – this time with bold red bengal stripes. I love the collar on these shirts because they stand high and hold their shape.

Nothing kills a confident look more than a sloppy collar sagging under your blazer.”


“The shoes are actually a subtle green suede with burgundy tassels, also from Angel Bespoke. In my opinion they make this traditionally serious suit a little more fun and relaxed.”

  • Sciamat wool Navy stripe suit ·
  • Angel Bespoke Red striped shirt ·
  • Borrelli pocket square ·
  • Viola Milano bracelets ·
  • Beige Angel Bespoke suede tassel loafers


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford