Street Style: Project Menswear Show NYC

January 28th, 2014

Tradeshow week just wrapped in NYC. It’s always an exciting time for menswear as brands new and old come from all over the world to rent a booth and showcase their new collections, hoping to catch the attention of store buyers for purchase orders and editors/bloggers for media coverage.

Whenever industry insiders, fashion entrepreneurs, and menswear fans cross paths in NYC, it’s a great place to find some Street Style inspiration. Our friend Marcel (of OneDapperStreet and as featured here) hit the Project show and shot some Street Style for us.

Here’s our favorite stylish gents that he found.

1. In My Project


Our friend Marcus Troy (as featured here) helps run the Project Tradeshow. He did his thing connecting bloggers, editors and brands wearing all black everything – including a thin nylon varsity jacket under a slim black suit and some chunky-soled chukkas. Extra points for the sleek silver jewelry combo.

2. Stripes & Checks


Now here’s a man who knows a thing or two about matching his leathers. And what beautiful leathers we chose.

3. Peace Love & Shearling


That is an incredible shearling coat!! It looks extremely warm but also has a nice lean shape, making it a perfect match for slim grey flannel trousers. This is also a great example of a poncho in action, and wearing black & brown.

4. Stop And Smell The Cashmere


The upside down rose tie and the crispy suede tassel loafers are noteworthy, but I’m stuck on the fabric of that windowpane jacket. Looks like those were some mighty fine goats, eh? Also, are those moleskin pants?! This guy knows his fabrics, and fits.

5. Party Down Below


I was really feeling the upper part of this outfit (especially the fit on that jacket – wow) but I was expecting some scuffed-up black military boots. The yellow socks and bright blue laces/soles give the look a much softer feel.

6. Icon Status


Street style icon Nick Wooster (as featured here) looking very Thom Browne while staying ahead of the curve, as always. As predicted note the higher waisted trousers with fuller leg and fuller break. With reference to this article, let’s consider Woost the King of the “Cool Kids”.

7. Comfy & Classy


A turtleneck with a sport coat will always be a sophisticated and smart look –  especially if that sport coat is a softly-tailored masterpiece in a lush fabric.

8. Downtown Browntown


Speaking of 70’s influence, how about this brown & mustard color palette and those funky fresh plaid trousers? Very dandy of you, Sir.

9. Military Greens


So simple and so clean – puts the emphasis on the sharp hair and grooming. Also, killer boots, man.

10. Winter Textures


Great fit on a broader man. Love the earthy colors and the mixing of winter textures, too. But again, I’m dying to see some ass-kicking boots to finish this off.

Which look was your favorite? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street