Men’s Style Trends Coming In 2014

January 24th, 2014

By popular request following our Trends We Hope Die in 2014 article, here’s to taking a look at what’s to come in men’s style for 2014.

Men’s fashion is built on a foundation of traditional “rules” and cultural norms which are adapted again and again to fit today’s ever-changing cultural landscape. The beauty of menswear is how slowly and gradually these movements take place. It all happens at the pace of a snail. A very deliberate and calculated snail.

In recent years the growth of the internet and social media has dramatically changed worldwide attitudes towards men’s fashion. Now that we can consume a variety of contrasting opinions and peek into the lifestyle(s) of those we admire (or don’t understand), the stigmatization of men’s fashion has died. Consciously or not, men all over the world are developing their own opinion, participating in an ongoing conversation about visual representation, and ultimately developing their own sense of style that is true to them as an individual.

The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are as a person. And the trends that guide the clothes you wear say a lot about our time and culture.

We already discussed the trend cycle and why they are inevitable. Here are some trends that I think will pick-up some steam in 2014, in case you want to stay ahead of the curve.


#Menswear Matures, Learns Subtlety 

Developing personal style is sort of like jumping into a cold pool. First you dip your toes in and look around to see if others would join you in the water (experimenting). Then you decide to go for it with a full cannon ball (“peacocking”). Then you realize the water is too cold (“I look silly, don’t I”). Finally you decide that sitting by the edge of the pool with your feet in the water is the best place to be (subtle, comfortable, learned style).

With it’s relatively new rise in popularity, men’s style has gone through it’s ups and downs and is finally maturing. When it first became popular there were lots of newcomers participating, going a little too hard without enough practice or experience to make it look natural and authentic. We went through a pretty bad peacocking phase and are now finally learning the art of subtlety and personal touch.

70’s Influence Continues

In 2014 the 70’s influence will continue to be strong. Wide lapels, fat ties, long collar points, long hair, deep necklines with a little chest hair, earthy color palettes, etc.

Classic Hats

Remember the days when a man wouldn’t walk outside without a brimmed hat (felt, fur, straw, etc) on his head? It will never be that strict again, but we’re heading back in that direction. Look out for wide brims.

Country Western 

The cowboys are coming. Bolo ties, cowboy boots, big belt buckles, dusters, suedes, ponchos, silver collar tips, etc. Post on this coming soon.

Pants Get Wider, Higher, and Pleated

The rise of trousers will get longer (we can all agree they’ve gotten a little too low). Some guys will wear them up near the naval in true old-school fashion, other guys will wear them lower on the hips with a slight sag to create a subtle drop-crotch look.

Since these high-waisted pants work so well with braces, I think we will start to see more of these as well (hopefully under jackets rather than on full display).

Tailoring With A Little More Room

Suits have gotten too slim, to the point where they’ve begun to look less confident and a little insecure. Not to mention uncomfortable and predictable. A little drape-room for movement can be sexy and suave. More on this later.

White on White

Mark my words: white jeans with white shirts (tees, button-downs, henleys, whatever). Perhaps some more white suits this summer too.

Sexy Suedes 

This Fall the new leather jacket will be suede. Beautiful, nappy suede. Men will also turn to suede on their shoes and boots. This could have to do with the country western insurgence, or simply the love of visual textures.

Silhouette Play

The sleek European inspired silhouette will still dominate, but “cool kids” will start to stray from this for fear of predictability. The first areas we will start to see this happen: wider/longer pants with break (as discussed), longer suit jackets (nothing crazy, just a few inches past the seat), oversized overcoats, and reverse layering with thigh-length flowy tees peeking out under shirts/sweaters/jackets.

Tailoring Gets Even Softer and More Casual 

When guys love something (and buy it) it will continue. Guys love tailoring. Guys also love being comfortable and casual. The combo of the two means more blazers that feel like sweaters, suits that look rumpled and leisurely, and trousers made from fabrics like denim and fleece.


I’ve been hinting at this for a while, mainly because I love silk and think it’s the most misunderstood and underrated fabric in menswear. When the warmer months come around look out for rough raw silks in jackets, trousers, shirts, shorts, etc.

Camp Collar Shirt

This Spring/Summer you will consider opting out of your boring old polo shirt cycle in exchange for a short-sleeve camp shirt with a one-piece collar (looks kinda like a pajama top). Post on this coming in early Spring.

Stacking Delicate Necklaces 

Yup. Thin gold, silver and luxe leather. At different lengths, on top of each other. Probably with an open collar shirt showing a little of that 70’s chest hair.

Hair Gets Longer and Less Greasy 

Look for a style that is more natural and flowy. Rather than a hard side-part that is glued down with wet pomade, push it all straight back with a lighter product and let it get a little thoughtfully imperfect.


Absolutely. Everything from simple silver bands, to rugged non-precious metals, to chunky vintage pieces. It’s all about how they work together.

Abstract All-Over Prints

This year we will continue to see colorful prints, but they won’t represent something so obviously tangible. They will be a little more difficult to identify. No more literal florals or cookie cutter navajo patterns, think more colorful abstract pop-art.

Stretched-Out Necklines

Remember how you used to hate those stretched-out “droopy” necklines on old t-shirts? Well this year you will be tugging on your new tees to get them to look all stretched-out. Brands might even start selling “vintage” t-shirt with ragged necklines in old torn-up fabrics.



More on our personal interpretation of some of these trends coming later this year!

Thanks, as always, for reading.


Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier