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Like a Boss: How to Wear Fur

January 22nd, 2014

Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but I’ve always had a thing for FUR. No fabric will ever be warmer, softer, or bossier.

While we were in Utah covering the style at Sundance Film Festival, we saw a ton of great furs. Scarves, hats, vests, coats – there were all types of pelts on display in the snowy mountains of Park City.

As transformative and style-forward as a fur can be, it’s a tricky thing for a guy to pull-off.

Here’s some ideas on how to do it.

1. Fur Scarf


A fur scarf is an epic piece to ad to your wardrobe. Not only is it extremely functional at keeping you warm and comfortable in the coldest temps, it can also completely transform a look.

On one hand wearing fur can look very regal, elegant and rich. On the other hand it can have an air of rebellion, controversy or disregard. I really like that combination.

With that said, be forewarned that fur can be a very polarizing topic.


This particular fur scarf is one of my most prized possessions.

Partly because it’s so damn warm and cozy, and partly because my mother and I handmade it out of my grandmother’s old beaver fur coat.


I don’t miss the winter cold, but after being in LA for a few months I do miss the textures of heavy clothing.

Winter fabrics have so much variety and depth to them. Just here, for example, a mix of luxe beaver fur, rugged harris tweed, soft donegal cashmere/wool, and a rigid wool/hemp/silk herringbone.

  • Brown Beaver Fur Scarf Vintage (handmade from my grandma’s old coat) ·
  • Tweed Windowpane Suit Vintage (Tailored) ·
  • Khaki hairline stripe shirt by Proper Cloth ·
  • Tweed houndstooth Tie by Woolrich ·
  • Suede gloves no tag ·
  • Brown Boots by Scarpe di Bianco

2. Fur Trim


Nobody in menswear has done more for the removable fur collar/lapels than yours truly.

It’s a simple (and cheap) accessory that can instantly make your jacket warmer and significantly more expensive/bossy looking. And you don’t need a scarf, just pop the collar.

It’s also great way to make a lightweight coat look more winter-ready. Here’s the same piece on a cotton topcoat, for example.


I bought this thing in a vintage store for a couple bucks. I’m still not sure what kind of fur it is, but it’s been dead for a while.


There’s those dress boots again.

These guys have been in heavy rotation lately. From Canada, to LA, to Utah.


Midnight Wool Coat

Donegal Tweed Vest in Monochrome

3.  The Real Deal


If you’re ever attending Sundance or hitting the slopes in Park City Utah, and you’re in the market for a new fur, I highly recommend checking out the good people at Alaska Fur Gallery on Main Street.

That is where we found this beautiful beast; a double-breasted beaver fur coat with oversized notch lapels.


This is by far the softest and warmest coat I’ve ever worn. I could probably walk around naked under this thing and be toasty.

A full fur overcoat is a complete game changer when winter starts to get nasty, and a complete head-turner out in the streets.

Do you have the cojones to rock the piel?


Before closing, a few other easy ways for men to pull-off fur:

1. The hood trim on a parka, like this coyote

2. The lining of a jacket, like this fox 

3. A Russian style hat, like this guy at #10

4. Or, get real in your face with it, like my man Casey

  • Beaver fur coat from Alaska Fur Gallery ·
  • Khaki hairline stripe shirt by Proper Cloth ·
  • Vintage Knit Tie ·
  • Oxblood boots by Scarpe di Bianco
  • · Forest green donegal tweed suit

Forest Tweed Suit


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford