Hollywood Style Consultant feat. Andrew Weitz

February 28th, 2014

Meet my agent Andrew Weitz. Or I should say, my former agent.

After more than 18 years in the entertainment business, starting in the mailroom at ICM and working his way up to representing big name “hybrid talents” like Ricky Gervais and LL Cool J at WME, Weitz is leaving the industry behind to pursue his true passion: men’s style.

In addition to being known as a successful talent agent, Weitz has developed a reputation within the Hollywood entertainment community for his dapper sense of style (you may recognize him from this video on Mr. Porter). After years of being called upon by colleagues, industry executives, and celebrity clients for advice on their personal style, Weitz decided to take-up fashion/image consulting full time. The goal of his new business The Weitz Effect is to “educate men on style to look and feel great, so they can perform at their best and achieve their potential… Style = Confidence = Success.”

We caught up with Andrew in Hollywood to get a taste of his personal style, as well as some image tips for all you emerging leading men out there.

1. Modern Dandy


“Men’s fashion is here. There’s a movement going on, there’s no question, and I want to be at the forefront of it… Men are now aware of and embracing fashion, but most men don’t know how to put it together. I want to be the guy to help these guys.

You cannot go wrong with a tailored navy blue suit. It’s one of the most useful basics a man can own. You can play with a variety of shirt colors and patterns, ties, pocket squares, shoes, etc. I could wear this suit to the office for a week straight, with a different look each day, and most people would never know it.

What’s different about this particular suit is that it’s a single button and has a wide notch lapels. Even though I am just over 6’1″ (maybe 6’2″ with the Jewish Afro), the one-button jacket has a lower button stance, which can help a guy look and feel leaner and taller. Not to mention it can give you a nice looking chest size… It’s all about fit.”


“I chose this shirt by Tom Ford because purple works great with navy. I also love the dapper look of a club collar and gold collar pin… The lapel pin isn’t for everyone, I’m just saying F-ck it, I’m Dandy!

Because my suit lapels are wider than average, the width of the tie must be proportionate. Wide lapels on a jacket = wider tie. Thin lapels = skinny tie.

I’m blind without my eyeglasses, which makes them an important accessory. Unlike some guys who have their statement pair of frames, I like to change mine quite often, depending on the look…. Why?  Because EVERYONE sees you in them, including yourself.  I like to try and match the color of the frames to whatever I’m wearing, with careful consideration to their shape and size. Here for example, I’m wearing a rich blue frame with gold temples (to pick up on the navy suit and the gold collar pin).”


“Style is a game of details… Even though I’m wearing boots, when a man crosses his legs, and we all do, a little sock is always showing.

If you take nothing else from this piece, know this: the two things most women, and other men, notice on a man are his shoes and his timepiece”

  • Brown Leather Boots by Saint Laurent ·
  • White and Purple Windowpane Shirt by Tom Ford ·
  • Purple Knit Tie by Tom Ford ·
  • Pocket Square by Tom Ford ·
  • Socks by Paul Smith ·
  • Watch by Panerai ·
  • Glasses by Tom Browne ·
  • Handmade Lapel Pin
  • · Navy Suit by Vivianne Westwood

Essential Worsted Suit in Navy

2.  All About Accessories 


A tie isn’t required in Hollywood like it is on Wall Street, but being sharply tailored can make you stand out all the same. The days of the 80’s Agent Uniform: dark ill-fit Armani suit + boring white/blue shirt are over.

As menswear has become an important part of the celebrity conversation, those who represent the stars are taking note, and taking action. Undoubtably, agents’ dapper dress is also tied to fashion’s rising relevance to the industry. Style-driven TV shows, films, and merchandising deals have become big business.

In fact, everyone’s favorite character from Entourage, Ari Gold, is based on the real life of WME’s CEO Ari Emanuel.


Andrew stays ahead of the crowd by keeping up with Articles of Style (partly because he’s tracking and advising me on my career, but also partly to keep up with the latest in men’s style).

Another way he stays ahead of the game: top notch accessories.

“The eyeglasses are a rimless aviator with a slight blue tint. They give the look a very old school, very chic feel. They’re a perfect match for the double-breasted flannel waistcoat – or “vest” as they call it in America… A great bag can also set a man apart. Having a quality leather briefcase (like this blue textured leather by Ferragamo) is a killer and classy move.”


Donegal Tweed Vest in Monochrome

Black Essential Trouser

3. Hollywood Glamour


On top of being a successful and stylish agent, Andrew is also a great guy. We’ve spent some quality time picking each others brains, like at front row of hockey games, and poolside at Beverly Hills parties.

Andrew’s been helping me connect the dots in Hollywood and introducing me to the people that can help Articles of Style’s business flourish. Surely, I could see us also working together in some capacity through his celebrity styling business.

In this world, it’s all about who you know, and how much mutual respect you have. That said, I’m lucky to have Andrew in my corner.


Real men wear pink. And purple.

“I LOVE pink!  If you rock pink, you are a true man. It’s also very versatile… Ivory cords. Yes, ivory. Of course I’m wearing them after labor day, they’re corduroys…and it’s Los Angeles.”

Some advice for up-and-coming actors and young Hollywood executives trying to make a name for themselves:

“Get yourself a good tailor. Most men are unaware or afraid to ask. Don’t be one of those guys. Style can help open doors for you and have people cast you in different lights, literally… Men’s style/fashion is here and it’s only getting bigger.  Invest in yourself.  It all comes back to you in some form or another… Trust me.”


If you take nothing else from this post, let this be inspiration for you to chase your passion. Even after 18+ years of building a successful resume as a leading talent agent, Andrew couldn’t shake his calling. At 40 years of age, he’s starting a whole new business adventure, which is a little nerve-racking, but mostly exciting.

“It was this summer that I decided to take the leap. I woke up and said to myself; ‘This is something that is too strong to ignore’.”

  • Custom pink shirt by Curtiss & Weitz ·
  • Burgundy sweater by Lanvin ·
  • White corduroy pants by Club Monaco ·
  • Lanvin Sneakers ·
  • Panerai watch ·
  • Tom Ford eyeglasses ·
  • Tom Ford sunglasses

Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Andrew for participating!

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford