Blending Genres feat. Brandon Murphy

January 13th, 2014

Most guys have a uniform. Whether it’s literal (like a lab coat or coveralls) or a more subtle psychological pattern they follow when getting dressed. Creating boundaries and guidelines is an efficient way to streamline the process of getting dressed. It also helps create a consistent sense of identity.

On the other hand, some guys (usually visually creative and expressive guys) use style as an opportunity to reinvent themselves on a daily basis. They purposefully create a new image and story through their unpredictable styling choices, revealing a little bit about their personality and current state of mind.

Fashion designer and stylist Brandon Murphy is one of those people. You never know what he’s going to wear but you know he’s going to make a statement. It’s going to be something unexpected, but true to his aesthetic. And of course, it’s going to look cool.

“I look at getting dressed as an opportunity to reinvent myself every time I walk out the door… I find that my style is consistent in an inconsistent way that reflects my emotions… I just have fun with it and let visual nature take its course.”

We met up with Brandon in NYC to get a small taste of his big day-to-day style.

1. Cartoon Collegiate


“Some days I’m inspired by an era or dated style moment… This look with the brown newsboy cap was reminiscent of a cliché black school boy in the 70s – with my own personal twist, of course.”


I like the “quirky-collegiate”/”nerdy chic” look of the varsity jacket, newsboy, chunky frames and shiny oxfords. It’s a very interesting mix of pieces, but Brandon really makes it work.

Speaking of eBay finds, how about a clever, light-hearted twist with a vintage Mickey sweater.


This post reminded me that Suit Supply has a nice selection of shoes at affordable prices (around $250 for a range of sleek designs).

They’re made in Spain of pretty good quality leather for the price. If you’re looking for something sharp that’s not a go-to workhorse, Suit Supply could be an inexpensive way to boost the variety in your footwear repertoire.

  • Brown Newsboy cap-Bergdorf Goodman ·
  • Grey Mickey Mouse sweater-Vintage (eBay find) ·
  • Burgundy Varsity Jacket-Club Monaco ·
  • Glasses- Lanvin ·
  • Blue Jeans-Levi 501 ·
  • Bag- Jack Spade

2. Worlds Colliding


“I often try to amalgamate different styles together…like an outdoorsy wide brim hat with a conservative double-breasted jacket, with a liberal Levi’s denim trucker and a sporty pair of Nike Mayfly’s.”


As far as developing your own style goes, Brandon offers two pieces of advice:

“1) Never give a damn about what people think about your style because people don’t think. Express your fresh.

2) Style is meant to be effortless. When it’s over thought it becomes a trend.”


I think Brandon’s advice above is important. If you’re looking to express a unique perspective through style, the most important thing is doing so with confidence and completely owning it.

Would I recommend a vintage denim jacket over a DB blazer? Probably not. But Brandon rocks it well because he does it with conviction and casual nonchalance.

  • Brown Hat – Reiss London ·
  • Blue Denim Jacket- Club Monaco for Levi’s ·
  • Blue Shoes – Nike

3. Rude Boy


“Some days when I feel like breaking necks, I wear an outfit that has an obvious focal point… like one of my favorite garments in my closet: a Margiela faux fur coat that is an absolute necessity to brave the rude winters in NYC.”

Something about a large fur coat is so Bossy. It feels like a giant middle finger to the cold, and to society in general, I think.


He didn’t want to go “full pimp” (although I really wanted him to) so he chose a preppy baseball cap rather than a wide brim felt hat (which he often wears). Like we said, he’s all about the unexpected blending of genres.

If you’re a slim guy wearing a thin sweater under a suit, consider tucking it in to keep the tailored lines consistent.


As you might already know, we’re real suckers for blending lush textures and fabrics.

I’m loving the play between the wild beast coat, the waffle knit sweater, the sharkskin texture of the suit fabric, the subtle fair isle socks, and the soft suede loafs.

Nicely played, player.

  • Brown Faux Fur Coat by Maison Martin Margiela for H&M ·
  • Navy Sweater- GAP ·
  • Blue Hat- The Saturdays x Gap curated by GQ magazine


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Brandon for participating!

Yours in style,

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Photography by Westley Dimagiba.