“Dress Easy” feat. Joshua Woods

November 25th, 2013

Josh Woods is a fashion photographer who grew up on the basketball courts of Harlem NY, which ultimately shaped his relationship with fashion.

Similar to myself, he credits basketball for honing his key eye. Playing point guard for most of his youth, he learned how to see the larger picture. As a guard you have to see a play before it materializes, forcing a sharpness of eye and a sense of consistent observation.

“As a young kid growing up in New York City you get accustomed to details. You notice everything happening around you; the sounds, the smells, the people, and most importantly, the fashion.

From a young age my style influences were my two older brothers. They spent a lot of time immersed in NYC’s downtown scene and always brought some of that flavor back home uptown. I admired them in so many ways. Back then there was an intense social pressure to fit-in, so for them to stand out and wear some of the things they did said a lot about their confidence.

I think to have a unique style says a lot about your character, it says ‘hey world this is who I am’ without having to say a word.”

Here Josh gives us a taste of his personal style – always simple but never boring.

1. Splash of Edge


Photography shot with the Canon EOS 70D digital SLR camera, with Dual Pixel AF technology and built-in Wi-Fi

When we first met Josh in LA, he was wearing this awesome leather biker jacket. Because of the slim fit and the quality of the leather, I thought it was a designer piece – maybe from the Perfecto line or something like BLK DNM. Then I came to find out that it’s vintage – now that’s a good find! Our in-house vintage search expert Wes would be proud.

I love the idea of a preppy club collar worn anti-preppy, like with a black leather jacket, tattered crewneck and roughed-up white denim.


“If I had to describe my style I’d say it’s like my personality; easy going but at times you’ll get a splash of edge.”


As Josh and I discussed British designer Adrien Sauvage (the shoes here are from his collab with Dr. Martens), I started to notice a theme…

Adrien Sauvage was born in Wandsworth, London (of Ghanaian descent) and he too was a bballer from a young age. He played professional basketball from the age of 13, representing Great Britain at an international level. After taking early retirement from the sport aged 19, Sauvage established himself as a stylist and lifestyle consultant. Later Sauvage moved from styling to designing when he realized that men’s sartorial needs were not being met.

With no formal training, Sauvage began to create a collection that reflected his personal style philosophy “Dress Easy”. Forever a believer in simplicity and function, his motto is “your clothes should do the work, not you” – a slogan that I think captures Josh’s style perfectly.

  • Blue Knit Hat by RRL ·
  • Vintage Black Leather Jacket ·
  • White Striped Club Collar Shirt by J.Lindenburg ·
  • Grey Sweater by 7 Diamonds ·
  • White Denim Jeans by JBrand ·
  • Brown Leather Shoes by Dr. Martens x Adrien Sauvage

2. Suit on the Move


As a creative professional on the menswear circuit, sharp tailoring is a must. But just because you’re wearing a suit doesn’t mean you have to look like a suit.

Here Josh shows us his cool on-the-go take on tailoring. As always, keeping it strong and simple.


A lot of Josh’s looks are based around subtle twists on classic menswear that modernize and personalize his look.

“One of my favorite style movies is an old French film directed by Jean-Pierre Melville – Le Samourai. It showcases timeless and effortless style.”


The blue suede sneakers with the double-breasted really make a statement here. They make it clear he’s a creative who doesn’t play by the traditional “rules”.

  • Navy cap by Ale Et Ange ·
  • Grey Double Breasted Suit by J.Lindenburg ·
  • Blue Suede Sneakers by Puma ·
  • Sunglasses by Steven Alan

3. Power of Simplicity


“Today I think men’s fashion has become a bit more easy. Comparing it to a few years ago when it was a little too contrived.

I feel like guys are really starting to take notion of the power of simplicity… and I think women are attracted to laidback confidence more than anything.”



Josh almost always keeps his dome covered in some cool hat style that completes his look, like the beanie in look 1, the cap in look 2 and the bucket hat here.


Again, keeping it simple with an unexpected touch.

We’ve seen the washed denim jacket with navy chinos before, but never with desert boots in this shade of (teal?) green.

  • Navy Bucket Hat by Ale Et Ange ·
  • Light Washed Blue Denim Jacket by JBrand ·
  • White Tshirt by Ale Et Ange ·
  • Green Suede Shoes by Florsheim x Duckie Brown

For more info on Josh you can visit his website joshuawoodsphotography.com or check him our on instragram @JoshuaWoods.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford