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Movember in Style: The Gentlemo

November 5th, 2013

As a brand ambassador for Gillette I’m doing my part to bring awareness to Movember this month.

Earlier this year I came together with some of the most talented barbers from across Canada (Toronto’s Mankind, Vancouver’s Another Fine Cut, and Montreal’s G&G) to discuss what it means to be a gentleman, the role that facial hair plays in style, and ultimately, the best way for men to rock a ‘stache this month.

Together we created the Gentlemo; a mustache style that harkens back to a golden age of manliness and celebrates the timeless qualities of a true gentlemen.


Mustaches don’t have to be silly or ironic. There was a day when a gentleman wore a mustache proudly. It was a symbol of masculinity and integrity.

As Zach from AmongMen wrote after our interview last week:

“There’s two ways you can think about Movember. 1) A lark. A chance to leave your face unshaven and make beard/lumberjack/manly man/bear arms jokes for a month. 2) A serious moment to engage in serious conversation about what it means to be a man, and an attempt to raise awareness about the risks and requisite negotiations of manhood, both physical and cultural. Think of the moustache part of Movember as the outlet, the button, on a much larger opportunity to shape and consider one’s self as a man, a care-taking and consideration of manhood itself.

The team behind the GentleMo harken back to a time when the moustache was a completely sincere and in no way ironic style choice. They attempt to resurrect such an attitude. Gentlemanliness is a lifestyle, not a style. The difference between having and wearing, and then wearing and being.”

Inspired by the tough guys of yesteryear, the GentleMo is all about clean lines: a slight bell-shape coming down from the nose, a staight bottom abutting the top lip, and a light soul patch underneath to balance out its weight. It’s a look that displays care and character, exactly what a gentleman wants to give off.


On another note, it was great to be back in Toronto this weekend!

Now that I’m living in Los Angeles, I look forward to visiting places where I can wear a double-breasted cashmere overcoat over a double-breasted wool suit. All in the love of tailoring.

For the record, that’s not a lapel flower – it’s a remembrance poppy to honor Canadian veterans.


Finally, airports are a great place to sit and get a professional shoe shine.

These pebbled leather kilty chukkas desperately needed a buff. I’ve been wearing them a lot since my man J.Fitzpatrick sent them my way.


Essential Worsted Suit in Navy

  • White/grey check french cuff shirt ·
  • Tweed herringbone tie by Woolrich ·
  • Black pebbled leather kilted chukka boots by J. FitzPatrick ·
  • Black leather duffle by Kenneth Cole
  • · Navy double-breasted suit

Thanks for reading and remember to sign up for Gillette’s Movember Team. It’s all for a good cause: raising money and awareness for all types of men’s health issues. Wear it proudly.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford