All in the Family feat. Menswear Dog

October 30th, 2013

I was in NYC earlier this month to hang with some friends and catch up with the east coast team.

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting the handsomest menswear blogger in the game: Menswear Dog. Of course, it’s not just a dog. It’s a family. A young, stylish, beautiful family.

“We’re Dave Fung & Yena Kim, the husband and wife duo and poop-scoopers behind the viral style blog, Menswear Dog. We’re both creatives; I’m a graphic designer and Yena is a women’s fashion designer.

This weird & wild ride all started one fateful rainy Saturday afternoon when we randomly decided to snap a photo of our beloved Shiba Inu (Bodhi) decked out in fancy menswear. The first photo was taken with my iphone, we put it online as a gag thinking nothing of it. The blog quickly gained traffic and that’s when we started to realize we may have stumbled onto something special.”

I needed to see what the most stylish husband + wife + dog trio wears on a day-to-day basis in NYC. So Wes and I headed to the upper east side to meet them, and they did not disappoint. In fact, they turned out to be really great people and we spent an entire afternoon talking menswear and this trip they call blogging.

1. Start with Color


“I’m not sure what other peoples’ process is when it comes to styling, but I typically like to start with a color story in mind first and then build an outfit from there. It might be a bit junior-prom to look at it that way, especially when you’re dressing as a couple, but it’s the only way I’ve been able to wrap my head around fashion… That’s how we style for the site as well; I find that when you start with color, everything else falls into place much easier.

That being said, when in doubt I just default to Yena – she has great style and never steers me wrong.”


“For this look, we wanted to do something in Fall colors with preppy staples. I grew up in Massachusetts rocking rep ties and school uniforms since kindergarten so preppy’s in my blood. We also really liked the play between the olive and the walnut with pops of red.”


Bodhi doesn’t wear human clothes everyday, mostly for shoots and events. Otherwise walking him in NYC is nearly impossible…we got stopped 3-4 times per block during this shoot!

Apparently a lot of people like well-dressed canines, as proven by @mensweardog’s 63K followers on instragram.


White USA Oxford Shirt

  • Forrest Green Quilted Jacket by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Red, Green, and Blue Tie by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Grey Tie Bar by The Tie Bar ·
  • Watch by Timex Weekender ·
  • Brown Belt by Allen Edmonds ·
  • Blue Jeans by Levi’s 511 ·
  • Brown Leather Dalton Boot by Allen Edmonds
  • · White Oxford Button Down by life/after/denim

2. Rock Paper Scissors Perfecto


“It’s all starts with a color story again. This time we went with a black, gray and red color scheme. The trick is to mix up the tones; as a couple it’s really important not to look too matchy-matchy.

In this case it was black & grey with a different type of red accent: oxblood vs. candy red vs. maroon gingham.”


“Conceptually we like the idea of dressing down otherwise stuffy outfits. For me: losing the tie and wearing a suit with a polo shirt and loafers. For Yena: adding the perfecto-style leather jacket to an elegant look.

This series is also a good example of how we like mixing high and low items. It’s easy to wear expensive things and make them look good, but it’s much harder working on a budget. Investing in a few choice pieces can instantly elevate an outfit.”


“Yena often mixes feminine silhouettes with masculine elements…and there’s a women’s version of every imaginable menswear item. Although we get dressed in separate rooms, sometimes we’ll walk out and realize that we’ve put together the exact same outfit. In that case, it’s rock-paper-scissors to settle who gets to wear the Perfecto.

I think the official rule is one per group unless you’re a Ramone.”


So where do you find such elegant doggie menswear?

For the photo shoots Bodhi is often styled using mens (or boys) clothing. But when it’s time to walk the walk, he prefers bespoke suiting handmade by non other than his mama Yena.

My personal favorite is his Alex Crawford impression.

  • Sunglasses by Penn Avenue Eyewear ·
  • Grey Donegal Suit by Topman ·
  • Black Polo by H&M ·
  • White Pocket Square by The Tie Bar ·
  • Leather Belt by Uniqlo ·
  • Burgundy Tassel Loafers by Church’s ·
  • Grey On Bodhi: Bespoke Doggie Suit & Shirt Handmade by Yena

3. Once-In-a-Lifetime Adventure


“This look is probably most representative of how we typically dress when we’re out for a walk in the neighborhood. Some of our favorite pieces are comfort basics like a well worn-in henley or a soft crewneck sweater.

With this one we started with fresh base colors – white with different values of blue, then added some warmth with olive and walnut brown.”


“The Menswear Dog website has really become a passion project for us. An outlet to share some fun photos of our dog that make us, and hopefully others, smile.

That being said, we know that cute pictures of dogs wearing ties is only going to get us so far. People come back because we’re giving real fashion advice and operate like any other style blog would…except it happens to star a Shiba Inu. Bodhi loves doing it too; we wouldn’t be in this game if the dog wasn’t having fun. He’s a diva who loves all the attention and looks forward to shoots now – peanut butter treats go a long way.”


“Since the site has caught on we’ve both quit our day jobs to see where we can evolve this thing, but more importantly, to take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure as a family. We’re just thankful that there are so many people out there that share our weird sense of humor and get what we’re trying to do.

At this point, we’re not taking ourselves too seriously and just feel lucky that opportunities are still coming our way. We’ve recently published a calendar (available here), we have a book on the way, and we’re working on a menswear-inspired doggie fashion line. Absurd? Totally. Fun? Absolutely!”

  • Blue Herringbone Blazer by Gant ·
  • White Henley by Club Monaco ·
  • Vintage Navy and Burgundy Braces ·
  • Watch by ESQ ·
  • White Pocket Square by The Tie Bar ·
  • Blue Jeans by Acne Max Raw ·
  • Brown Leather Cap Toe Shoes by Allen Edmonds ·
  • White On Bodhi: Sweater by Gap

Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Dave, Yena and Bodhi for participating!

Yours in style,

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Photography by Westley Dimagiba.