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#Menswear Writer Style feat. Nick Grant

September 27th, 2013

Nick Grant is a fellow menswear writer and former college hooper. Together with Alex Maier he helped organize the FallClassicNYC, where him and I were matched up for most of the 2nd half.

Being that he’s a fashion writer (and a very funny one at that) I figured I should let him describe his personal style, with his quotes and personality intact. So most of this is ripped directly from the email he sent me shortly after our shoot in NYC. He keeps it real, doesn’t take it all too seriously, and offers some interesting insight into life as a freelance #menswear bro.

“I’m currently living in Des Moines, Iowa (yes, you read that correctly) working the day-shift at a prestigious advertising agency…basically some place that pays me real money so I can play dress-up all day and write for sites like Complex Style and Well-Spent as a freelancer… I’m also the Token Black Guy for Four Pins; going to fashion shows/parties and being, well, the token black guy while I make fun of people.

My style has changed over the past couple of years because I’ve been forced to figure it out on my own. There isn’t a huge market for men’s fashion in Des Moines. Hell, you could even say it’s lacking in the Midwest overall. With the internet at your fingertips 24/7, you could easily draw inspiration from Blogs/Tumblr/Instagram/etc. but the fact that it’s my job to search out the coolest things all the time, week over week, month over month, year over year; I’ve learned to tune out things that don’t fit my personal style while completely smothering stuff that does. Sometimes I spend money on silly things I know are nichey (Illuminati Shirt) but if I have the opportunity to have fun with my clothes and they fit my personal style, it’s the ol’ ‘cake and eat it, too’ adage.”

We linked up with Nick after the blogger bball game to give you a taste of his personal style.

1. Team Oxford


Yet another outfit proving that a white oxford cloth shirt is one of the most versatile pieces a man can own, no matter his style.

I love how Nick does “reverse layering” (that was almost the title of this post) in all three looks; a closed neckline with longer under-layers peeking out at the waist. It’s a subtle detail that ads depth to his relatively simple, but personalized, outfits.


“I had the homie Kevin from Windmill Club custom make this Illuminati shirt for me. Not only is it just a damn well-made shirt, the twill letters/numbers on the back are dope and make me laugh. So many people hate this shirt, and I do too in the most loving way possible.”


“These foldable Ray-Ban joints have saved my life and a couple extra dollars too many times. They pretty much can’t break ever.”


“My proudest piece is my newest tattoo on the bottoms of my shins/tops of my ankles. I have a 5 month old now who has seriously turned my life upside down in the greatest way possible. With him and my wife of 6 years by my side, I literally own the world in my eyes.

Margiela sneakers – I spilled dollar pizza slice greases on them :( ”


2. Fly Knit Poser


“Blackhawks fitted – I am not a hockey fan. I am not a Blackhawks fan. I’m not a fan of anything Chicago. I am the definition of a poser when I wear this hat because their logo is dope and the colors are great. I can say that I’ve had this hat for 6 years, so that kinda sorta gives me a pass, right?

Uniqlo grey tee – $5 cannot be spent on anything better except for a lottery ticket to win millions. Then I’d be more Uniqlo tees.”

Wil Fry Brooklyn Jersey. Still can’t believe Wil hooked me up with this. Great dude. Not very photogenic though.”


“Necklace  by BRRY BNDS. OK, little story; my wife does not like this on me. She feels like “it’s not really me.” Until she saw this picture. This picture convinced her how dope it is paired with a fairly simple outfit. But she said I needed multiples, so I bought another. See what I did there?”


LVC denim. Cut the bottoms. Had two pairs of washed denim, one of them had to be differentiated somehow. LVCs got the axe, literally.

Nike Flyknit Racer – how do people run in these? I feel like a misstep and my foot will Hulk-rip the shit out of these.”


3. Silent Stuntin’


“The denim shirt is by Rogue Territory. This is their infamous Indigo Work Shirt, but the sleeves and body were a little too long, so I cut them. But let’s me honest, I just cut it for the frayed edges cool guy look.

I also had to resew the button back on and I’m so broke/lazy and the only thread I had lying around the house is red, so, voila! Another alteration made out of necessity that makes it look like I’m trying really, really hard.”


Another great example of “reverse layering” with the slightly-longer floral shirt under the roughed-up raw denim.

Engineered Garments floral shirt – one of my all-time favorite shirts. I wear it all year round, I don’t care if it’s seasonally correct. It makes me feel pretty.”


“The denim is by Ruell & Ray. Ashley James is a very dear friend of mine who makes some incredible denim. This wash is probably the best pair of pants I own, overall.

Vans x Diemme SK8 Hi. Very subtle with the smooth Italian leather on these. Silent stunting 101.”


Thank you for reading and special thanks to Nick for participating! #betterlucknextyear :)

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford