Who Wore it Best: Stretch Denim Jeans

September 9th, 2013

Our friends at 7 For All Mankind sent us some jeans from their new “Luxe Performance” collection to test drive while we were back in NYC for Fashion Week.

Towni, Wes and I all agreed that the Slimmy in “Sunset’s Edge” was our favorite style. They’re lightweight and breathable (9.75 oz), made from “complete recovery” stretch denim (a custom-milled Italian fabric designed to retain shape) and they’re soft-brushed on the inside for superior comfort. I have to admit, I was surprised at how comfortable these really are.

We thought we’d have a little fun with the review by each putting our own spin on the jeans in a “who wore it best” post. You can use the poll at the end of the article to vote for your favorite look.

1. Towni


Towni went with his “off-duty movie star” look, messy samurai bun and all.

I love his knack for looking slouchy and rumpled, but in a way that is cool and intriguing. Here he makes a very strong case for wearing clothing with worn-in character (vintage corduroy jacket, faded/stretched-out linen t-shirt, scuffed-up moccassins).

Mixing black, blue, and brown? Why not? It only ads to the nonchalant ‘not giving a damn’ feel of his look.


We each handled the hemline of these jeans differently…

Towni went with a slouchy roll; a perfect match for the laidback vibe of this look (and choice of footwear).

  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol ·
  • Black corduroy jacket by JCrew Vintage ·
  • Black cotton/linen v-neck t-shirt by Kenneth Cole ·
  • Blue Denim by 7 For All Mankind “Luxe Performance” ·
  • Brown Mocassins by Minnetonka

2. Dan


You know I had to wear mine with a tailored jacket.

The “Slimmy Straight” is a great fit for dressing-up, whether it’s “business casual”, “casual Friday”, or your just trying to look like you got your sh-t together.


I picked up this sweater-knit jacket a few years ago in Spain and kinda forgot I had it. It’s fully unlined and unstructured, making it feel almost like a fleece sweatshirt.

Between the softness and stretch of the jacket and jeans, this look is MUCH more comfortable than it looks.

Shout-out to Angel Bespoke for his trademark strong-collar shirt. I need a few more bro! Call me!


I had my pair of Luxe Performance jeans hemmed by our boy Franklin at The Tailoring Room so they just touch the top of my loafers. The cleaner hemline is dressier, and I also find it more comfortable in warmer months (I hate the feeling of fabric pooling around the ankles in the summer – gotta let me dogs breathe).

Shout out to Bill White of Scarpe di Bianco who made these badass crocodile loafers.

  • Clear frame sunglasses by Vintage ·
  • Blue Knit blazer by Massimo Dutti ·
  • White cotton shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Necklaces from NYC Street Artist ·
  • Oxidized cuff bracelet by Men in Cities ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Blue Denim by 7 For All Mankind “Luxe Performance” ·
  • Custom crocodile skin loafers by Scarpe di Bianco

3. Westley


Westley: “My new inspiration is the Filipino James Dean”.

This is a good start – keeping it uber simple in a white tee and dark jeans.


We literally shot this the morning after Wes’ birthday celebration…and he never made it to sleep.

So this is really a nightlife look (hence the black velvet jacket), turned late-brunch look.

Happy birthday brother!! #grownassman


For the hemline Wes went with one deep cuff – perhaps a subtle nod to his new icon.

  • Black shades by Ray-Ban ·
  • Black velvet blazer by Uniqlo ·
  • White t-shirt by Alexander Wang ·
  • Blue Denim by 7 For All Mankind “Luxe Performance” ·
  • Black horsebit loafers by Cole Hann Vintage


Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


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Photography by Alex Crawford