Who Wore it Best: Captoe Dress Boots

October 9th, 2013

Just in time for Fall, our friends at Johnston & Murphy laced our team with their new Tyndall Cap Toe Boots.

We all love a versatile dress boot, so we thought this would be the perfect piece for our next “Who Wore it Best” style-off.

Towni, Wes and I each put our own spin on them – use the poll at the end of the article to vote for your favorite look!

1. Wes – Casual Cool


Wes is a pro at the in-between game. His casual looks can pass as dressy, and his dressy looks always look easy and natural.

It took some practice, but the kid has come a long way!


He’s also one of the craftiest vintage shoppers in the #menswear game.

Check out this thrifted flannel vest with metal buttons that he had nipped-up by our boy Franklin at The Tailoring Room.


White jeans after labor day? Of course.

They really highlight the beautiful tan color of these Italian calfskin boots.

  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol ·
  • Blue Gingham shirt ·
  • Blue Flannel Vest Vintage ·
  • White Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Brown “Tyndall” Italian calfskin boots by Johnston & Murphy

2. Towni – All Business


Towni took a different approach with the Tyndall boots. A more serious, all-business approach.

He’s been recently upping his suit game at Michael Andrews Bespoke and looking more and more like a boss. Samurai bun and beard included…he just moved to Brooklyn, after all.


Showing some expert pattern-mixing with the subtle glenplaid suit, bengal stripe shirt, and silk knit tie.


These boots are definitely sharp enough to keep up with an expertly-tailored suit.

Their flexible rubber soles also make them a perfect choice should you get caught in the rain, or snow.

  • Glenplaid suit ·
  • Blue Bengal stripe shirt by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Navy silk knit tie by JCrew ·
  • Brown “Tyndall” Italian calfskin boots by Johnston & Murphy

3. Dan – Casual Friday


I’ve been big into separates lately, like this windowpane blazer with the pants from my burgundy suit.

Using solid trousers to pull-out an accent color in a textured blazer is one of the oldest tricks in the menswear book. Usually I’m not so into the “matchy matchy” thing, but I think this works well.


It was a very hot day in NYC when we shot this – hence the deep neckline on the shirt. I have no problem showing a little chest hair in warm weather.

As you can see from the small magnet inside the collar, I’ve been back to using Wurkin Stiffs to keep my collars standing upright. What a great invention…now if only someone could find a way to cover the magnets by sewing them directly into the shirt (so people can’t see them, and you can’t lose them).


Once again, I was surprised at how comfortable these J&M boots are.

The leather lining and padded insole makes for a smooth ride, even through the first wear.


Burgundy Worsted Trouser

  • Clear frame sunglasses by Vintage ·
  • Grey/Burgundy multi-check jacket ·
  • White cotton shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Necklaces from NYC Street Artist ·
  • Oxidized cuff bracelet by Men in Cities ·
  • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic ·
  • Slim brown leather belt Vintage ·
  • Brown “Tyndall” Italian calfskin boots by Johnston & Murphy
  • · Burgundy suit trousers


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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford

This post was sponsored by Johnston & Murphy.