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Perfectly Imperfect feat. Dillon Burke

August 2nd, 2013

Dillon Burke is a foodie who loves menswear. Naturally, he works at both a restaurant and a menswear boutique in SoHo.

We met the New Jersey native manning the shop at Ernest Alexander (I wanted to meet the founder Ernest, being a fellow Columbia grad and menswear entrepreneur, and all). Dillon’s style immediately jumped out as natural, easy and full of character.

“My style is heavily influenced by the past and I’ve always had an appreciation for worn-in things…scuffs, creases, tears, all that. I think that shines through even with my more formal stuff.”

Here’s three examples of how he’s getting down this summer.

1. War on Paisley


“The special thing about this set up is that I each item is one or two wears away from falling apart.

I found this military jacket in a vintage store in New Hope, PA. It was clearly worn and repaired many times over. I really wanted to make it my own so I added the paisley touches and turned it into a double breasted jacket. It’s a really unique, experimental piece.”


“These Levi’s are from the 80’s and were originally a 550 fit. After i found them I had them tapered a bit but wanted to retain their integrity. They’re that true blue fade that can only achieved after hundreds of washes.”


Nice touch with the casual laces in the beat-up sockless wingtips.

  • Beige Straw Hat by Street Vendor ·
  • Blue Bandana by Vintage ·
  • Green Military Jacket by Vintage ·
  • Grey Tshirt by J.Crew ·
  • Vintage Blue Light Wash Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • Brown Wingtips by Florsheim

2. Americano


“I’ve always regarded fit above anything else. Us smaller guys (i’m 5’7) have to be best friends with our tailor(s) and really pay attention to the way something fits.”

Dillon really understands proportions…would you have known he has 5’7″ had he not mentioned it?


“I’ve been wearing Rogue Territory denim for over two years and while i know other denim brands exist, in my head there’s only room/need for one. These ‘sandlot’ faded stantons have been getting me through the city summer.

I recently picked up the tie from a small antiques store in Brooklyn – it’s torn and stained but its got so much character.”


“The broken-in tassel loafers were a drunk ebay purchase i ended up forgetting about and being pleasantly surprised by.”


White Broadcloth Shirt

  • Grey 1911 blazer by L.B.M. ·
  • Navy Seven Fold Tie by Vintage ·
  • Navy Pocket Square by Ernest Alexander ·
  • Blue Jeans by Rogue Territory ·
  • Brown Tassel Loafers by Allen Edmonds ·
  • Brown Leather bag by Mismo
  • · White Dress Shirt by Ernest Alexander

3. A Small Piece of History


“I don’t really have many pattered pieces in my wardrobe. I much prefer to mix textures (like linen, cotton and suede)… I’ve also been quite into t-shirts under blazers lately.”


“I recently got a chance to drive across the country with a good friend… I was wearing this same thing somewhere around hour 35 when a small roadside post told us to exit and check out an antiques store.

My buddy picked up some killer cast iron cookware and i was left with these incredible Native American trading beads. While they were expensive, each bead is completely unique and at one point was actually used to trade with American settlers. It’s just a god damn cool story. I didnt think i’d wear them nearly as much as i have been.”


Notice the slim fit cropped jacket and the low rise trousers with turned-up cuffs; both helping to lengthen his physique.

  • Khaki Blazer by J.Crew ·
  • Navy Tshirt ·
  • Antique Native American Bead Necklace by Street Vendor ·
  • Grey Chinos by Club Monaco ·
  • Brown Suede Double Monks by Meermin

Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Dillon for participating! Check out his blog threadandsalt.com.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford