Dressed-Up Sneakers feat. Marcus Troy

August 20th, 2013

Fellow Canadian Marcus Troy is an expert in bringing fashion bloggers together with fashion brands.

“I consider myself a content creator who works with brands to enhance consumer experiences… I started consulting with the PROJECT tradeshow two years ago when I created the BLOGGER PROJECT – my way of connecting the right editors with the vast number of brands on display at the show.”

At the show Marcus is all business, which means networking throughout the convention center and being on his feet for three straight days. Therefore, dressing-up a sharp pair of sneakers is his ideal look.

Here’s what he wore for the three-day show.

1. Camo Crazy


“I like the idea of tonal looks, like a navy suit & navy shirt… but adding a disruptive pattern like a silk camouflage tie & pocket square.”

For years menswear editors and bloggers have been preaching “never wear a matching tie and pocket square”, but here Marcus kind of pulls it off. Does this “rule” perhaps have exceptions?


The best sneakers to wear with a suit are low-cut, sleek (not chunky) and minimal in design.

“The silhouette of these leather sneakers by Benjamin Daedfyshe is specifically designed to wear with a suit.”


2. New School Blue Blazer


“My style is often inspired by Tokyo, my favorite city in the world. I think the Japanese are some of the most stylish people and I make it a point to be in Japan every year for inspiration.

I also try to incorporate some Tokyo influence into my looks…here it’s the Kapital pin on my blazer.”


“I recently started wearing nato straps as bracelets which is my new thing. Who needs a watch when my phone tells me the right time!”

Featuring other stylish people is always a great source of conversation. For example, I’m a watch lover (I feel naked without one) but more and more guys are using gadgets to tell the time, like Marcus. What do you think?


Hard to go wrong with white low-top canvas sneakers, especially limited editions.


3. Navy’d Out


“This is a look that I can wear pretty much anywhere. It’s serious but relaxed at the same time…”


As you may know, we’re big advocates of monochromatic looks, and navy blue.

Here Marcus keeps it navy down to his blue suede shoes.


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Marcus for participating.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford