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A Sartorial Summer feat. Angel Ramos

July 24th, 2013

Our friend Angel was in town the other day hand-delivering bespoke garments to some of his NYC clients, including a beautiful denim number he whipped up for me.

Here’s the three outfits that the Miami-based clothier packed to hit the streets for a quick business trip.

1. Dressed-Down DB


Angel’s tailoring is always very soft – lightweight canvas, no shoulder padding, no lining, etc.

Even his double-breasted jackets have a very easy-going feel.


There’s that commanding collar I mentioned the other day, complete with magnetic collar stays to keep it locked in place.


“I love mixing a sartorial look with a dash of casual. I actually had other shoes in mind for this look, but felt the vans were calling me… Perfect for a busy trip running around the city.”

  • Taupe DB Jacket by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Blue Dress Shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Cream Jeans by Standard Cloth ·
  • Red Sneakers by Vans

2. New Age Cottons


We’ve talked plenty about the advantages of cotton suits for summer. Thing is, cotton comes in many forms.

Here, Angel is wearing an ultra-lightweight cotton solaro fabric with a herringbone pattern and slight sheen. I’m wearing a light denim suit (100% cotton from our friends at Ariston) that Angel recently made for me.


“I think I can wear this everyday… It’s by far my most comfortable suit, and outfit…especially when traveling and running through a city visiting clients.

I might be able to run a couple of laps in this one.”


Again, comfortable shoes are key for a traveling clothier, and since Angel is so comfortable in his suits, the Chuck Taylors look right at home.

  • Khaki Suit by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Red flower lapel by Bocci ·
  • White Sneakers by Converse

3. Pitti Peacock


Lavender jacket, sky blue shirt, white jeans, and floral loafers? Leave it to a Sartorialist in Miami to show us how it’s done.

“This is what I call my ‘Pitti Uomo Peacock’ outfit, haha (he actually wore this to the Italian tradeshow, if you haven’t already seen the street style pics).

I love the lavender jacket, it’s another one of those colored blazers that becomes a Summer go-to for me.”


“Say what you will, it’s definitely a little in-your-face…but this look is a favorite of mine.”

  • Purple Linen Jacket by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Blue Dress Shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • White Jeans by Levi’s ·
  • White Floral Loafers by Gucci

Thanks for reading and special thanks to Angel for participating!

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford