Jacket Art feat. Angel Ramos

May 8th, 2013

Angel Ramos knows a thing or two about a good jacket.

His award-winning “elegantly sporty” style is surpsingly simple; solid shirts (only white, blue or pink), classic bottoms (usually bespoke trousers or jeans), and a beautiful custom-made sports jacket.

“Simplicity is key when it comes to describing my style. Neapolitan-inspired soft tailoring, with a huge emphasis on fit.”

Here’s three of the jackets in Angel’s rotation right now, as he travels between Miami, Atlanta and NYC hand-delivering custom gear to an impressive list of high-end clientele.

1. Flannel’s Last Hurrah


This time of year can still be a bit chilly (especially at night), making it the perfect time to give your flannel jackets one last wear before retiring them for the season. Think of it less like a winter suit jacket, and more like a spring coat.

“This is the jacket to what was probably my favorite suit this past Fall/Winter. It’s extremely soft in construction and the bold chalkstripe gives it that 1930’s feel.”


Being a traveling custom clothier and all, Angel knows a thing or two about flying in style. He arrived to the Articles of Style Studio straight from the airport wearing this.

“This is a look I favor when traveling because it allows me to remain comfortable and elegantly sporty.”


“These Zara jeans are one of my favorite pairs. It’s crazy how such an inexpensive pair of jeans can not only fit so well, but also be a perfect compliment to a high-end custom jacket.”

Angel wears his bespoke gear for any occasion. Here, for example, he basically just swapped-out the chalkstripe suit trousers for some dark denim (and ditched the socks) to turn a boardroom look into a weekend-in-the-city look, elegant captoes and all.

  • Frames by Retro SuperFuture ·
  • Double-Breasted flanel chalkstripe jacket by ANGEL | BESPOKE ·
  • White shirt by ANGEL | BESPOKE ·
  • Watch by IWC Portuguese ·
  • Custom alligator watch strap by Kleinberg Belts ·
  • Jeans by Zara ·
  • Brown Scotch Grain Lace-ups ANGEL | BESPOKE for Scarpe DiBianco

2. Summer Tweed


Summer Tweed: Silk/Linen/Wool.

“It’s tough to coin this beautiful summer tweed jacket as my favorite for the season, but man it comes close! The character of this fabric is just amazing…rough in texture with a little pilling, but very light in weight. It’s truly a great blend for a lightweight casual jacket.”


“The glenplaid has a subtle turquoise windowpane, which is perfect for these vintage 1953 Gucci loafers that they just brought back.”


“Can’t wear these too often, but when I do I get great feedback.”

  • Shades by Retro SuperFuture ·
  • Silk/Linen/Wool “Summer Tweed” jacket by ANGEL | BESPOKE ·
  • Pink shirt by Angel Bespoke ·
  • Watch by IWC Portuguese ·
  • Custom alligator watch strap by Kleinberg Belts ·
  • Brown Leather Belt by Banana Republic ·
  • Jeans by Zara ·
  • Canvas & Leather Flower Print Loafers by Gucci

3. Sorbetto Mandarino


“My sorbetto mandarino!

I’m a huge fan of summer jackets in light colors. I personally own about 5 colors (see his sky blue herringbone cashmere).

They’re surprisingly versatile – I wear this jacket in so many different variations.”


I always enjoy hanging with Angel, he’s a down to earth guy and we actually have a lot in common.

We spent an afternoon catching up on everything from our experiences winning Esquire’s “Best Dressed Real Man in America”, to the nuances of measuring & fitting bespoke clothing, to how growing a beard can affect your personal style…


“Michael Bastian’s ‘blazer pants’ are a genius design. The minute I saw these hit Mr. Porter, I rushed to cop them before everyone hogged the 34s!

They are truly the blazer pants, designed with pocket flaps, ticket pocket, knee ‘elbow patches’, even functional buttons at the hem…and the coin pocket under the front waistband is actually a welt ‘breast pocket’. SO DOPE!”


Slippers. A Sartorialist in Miami has to have ’em.

“I had these suede tassel slip-ons custom made to match these pants.”

  • Shades by Retro SuperFuture ·
  • “Orange Sherbet” summer jacket by ANGEL | BESPOKE  ·
  • White shirt by ANGEL | BESPOKE ·
  • Watch by IWC Portuguese ·
  • Custom alligator watch strap by Kleinberg Belts ·
  • Brown suede Ring belt by Brooks Brothers ·
  • Grey cotton “Blazer Pants” by Michael Bastian ·
  • Brown Suede Loafers with Grey Tassels by ANGEL | BESPOKE 


Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Angel for participating!

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Alex Crawford