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A Broken-In Summer feat. Chad Davis

July 10th, 2013

You’ve heard us say this before: good menswear gets better with age. That’s why investing in the right pieces and breaking-’em-in over time is a key element of great natural style.

Chad Davis gets it. The freelance photographer and art director from Nashville has a love for vintage clothing and design that inspires both his artwork and personal style. Most of what he wears is old and beat-up, and it looks awesome.

Here he gives us a taste of his lived-in summer style.

1. High Waist, Wide Leg


What I love about this outfit, and Chad’s style, is that he’s wearing a simple t-shirt and chinos, but he doesn’t look anything like an everyday boring schlub wearing a simple t-shirt and chinos.

Minuscule (but thoughtful) modifications to the silhouette (like a slimmer tee, longer rise, and wider leg) along with some simple styling touches (hat, tucked in t-shirt, and rolled hem) can make a world of difference in the overall appeal of an outfit/person.


With all the skinny pants running around today, it’s refreshing to see an old-school full leg.

Not to mention, in the summer heat this shape of pant is much more comfortable.


Adding some family history and sentimental value is always a nice touch:

“The ID bracelet was a gift from my grandmother to my grandfather in the early 40s. It’s engraved with his name ‘Roy’ and on the back ‘With All My Love – Erline’.”


Khaki Cotton Trouser

  • Olive Green Cotton Plus Tee by Imogene + Willie ·
  • Brown Leather Boots by Billy Reid ·
  • Brown Felt Hat by Vintage
  • · Khaki Chinos by RRL Vintage

2. Pop-Over & Faded Denim


Firstly, the hat makes the look. Start experimenting with wider brims.

A band collar shirt, one of Wes’ go-tos, is a smart and versatile piece for summer. Chad’s rustic pinstripe version is a pop-over with a 3/4 placket and subtle bib front.


You can always tell a beginner from a style veteran by his choice in jewelry.

Chad keeps it minimal and masculine with a couple vintage rings and an awesome homemade necklace.


Washed jeans always look better when they’re authentically worn-in and faded over time, rather than “pre-distressed” in a factory…

Rather than going sockless in his bucks, Chad finishes off the look with a subtle tipped ankle sock.

  • Beige Wide Brimmed Straw Hat by Vintage ·
  • White Striped Cotton Pop-over shirt by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Homemade Necklace ·
  • Blue bright sky straight Leg Denim Jeans by RRL ·
  • Brown Suede Bucks by J.Crew

3. Selvedge Cap


I’m more of a flat-brim (or slightly curved-brim) fitted cap kind of guy; a carry-over from my hoops days. So when I see a beat-up lid like this worn with style, I have to show respect.


Another example of the slim tee + wide leg chinos look.

There’s something about a full-cut pant that is so manly and rugged. With the beard it’s a very cohesive look.


Hard to find a summer outfit that doesn’t work with a fresh pair of low-top white canvas sneakers.

Don’t worry, they too get better with age (so don’t worry about dirtying them up!).

  • Blue Denim Cap by RRL ·
  • White and Red Striped Tshirt by Club Monaco ·
  • Blue Wide Legged Chinos by RRL ·
  • White Sneakers by Pro Keds

Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Chad for participating!

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford