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Like Father, Like Son

April 6th, 2013

A father is a man’s first role model. He teaches you the value of hard work, the importance of being responsible, and, if you’re lucky, how to dress like a man.

Davan McDonald Sr. is a financial sales representative at Bloomberg, “I’ve always believed in dressing the part, being the part”.

His son DJ McDonald is a graduating senior from Hunter College who currently works part-time at Bloomberg and is looking to break his way into the fashion industry.

“My dad has been wearing a suit everyday for about 20 years. As a sneakerhead throughout high school, I never paid attention to the amount of detail he put into shinning his shoes, ironing his pants and putting together shirt and tie combos until he took me to buy my first suit. Soon thereafter, I started trading my sneakers for wingtips and began gradually transforming my wardrobe. With every new purchase, I saw myself implementing things that he did; using shoe trees, having my shirts properly laundered, even buying the right hangers…”

Here we explore how DJ’s style evolved from Davan’s, and vise versa.


Thanks for reading and special thanks to Davan and DJ for participating.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford