How to Slim Your Dress Shirts for $10

February 20th, 2013

If you have a problem with “billowy” shirt fabric at the lower back, there is a very simple solution. Add back darts to your shirts.

If your tailor only takes-in the side seams, he has to make the front and back slimmer by equal measures. Problem is, most guys have a flat or convex (curved-out) front stomach but a concave (curved-in/hollow) lower back.

Therefore, even with a shirt that has been taken-in at the sides, there can be annoying extra fabric billowing at the lower back.

See here:

Back darts are two simple straight seams, sewn from the inside, that turn this extra fabric inside-out.

This allows the shirt to follow the natural curve of your back, creating a much more flattering silhouette.

See here:

I have darts on 95% of my shirts, and I sew them myself. It’s very easy to learn.

It’s a five minute alteration that can make a huge difference.

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